News 2003-04

A compilation of all the news from the 2003-04 season

April: Anna Stylianides was named to the Provincial Junior A team (joining Julia Mercer who was named to the team in November). Nicole Chan, Julia Long, Ashley Morgan and Maggie Walsh were named to the Junior B team.

March 28: The club season concluded with a spectacular ice show at the Glacier highlighted by great performances by our soloists and synchro teams [photographs].

At the Ice Show the BMO Financial Group CanSkate medals were presented. The CanSkate Champion medals were awarded to Bridgett Mackey and Julia Buckley. BMO Financial Group CanSkater of the Year medal this year goes to Julia Howley. The Prince of Wales SC Programme Assistant of the Year award was presented to Samantha Phelan. Allie Winter was presented with the Skate Canada StarSkate bursary, one of only three awards in the Province this year.

March 15: Andrea Thistle passed her Junior Silver freeskate test at high level test day in CBS. Beth Liverman passed her Junior Silver freeskate and also the Killian (Senior silver) dance.

March 14: another very succesful Test Day for our skaters. Emily Rudkin, Sarah Piercey, Katija Essaji, Nicole Mallay, Alexandra Vaughn-Jackson, David Craggs, Kirsten Baker, Bethany Porter and Maggie Walsh all passed Preliminary dances. Erinn Power (using her mother’s skates!), Ashley Morgan and Victoria Porter passed Junior Bronze dances. Katy Rogers and Kirsten Baker passed Preliminary skills. Megan Burt, Carissa Collins and Megan Howell passed Junior Bronze skills. Kirsten Baker and Maggie Walsh competed their Preliminary free skate tests. Ashley Morgan, Julia Long, Nicole Chan, Victoria Porter, Megan Burt, Katy Churchill and Erinn Power passed their Junior Bronze and Jenna Hillyard completed her Senior Bronze elements.

March 13: Congratulations to all our InterClub skaters as they won the Sportsbeat Trophy for Best Club for the fourth consecutive year, and this year added the Most Improved Club award. Our 24 medalists were:-
Gold: Destiny Hakuli-Peckford, Kirby Williams, Sarah Bugden, Jack Etchegary, Axel Bergerren-O’Young, Matthew Drodge, Jessica King, Brianna Gosse, Phillip MacDermott, Jessica Walsh, Nicole Mallay, Bethany Porter, and the InterClub Synchro team.
Silver: Samantha Major, Heather Zurel, Nicholas Pretty, Julia Bursey, Hayley Manning, Olivia Outerbridge, Kirsten Baker
Bronze: Megan Dobbin, Alexandra Vaughn-Jackson, Charlotte Bidgood, Julia Outerbridge
Full resultsPhotos

Former member Kali Butler won a gold medal in Senior Bronze solo dance at the Nova Scotia Provincial StarSkate championships – well done!

March 6-7: Congratulations to our four entrants in the World’s Finest/ QSP Junior Provincial Championships – all returned with medals. Maggie Walsh won a gold medal in Pre-Preliminary Singles (7 years and under) on Saturday; and on Sunday, Nicole Chan won gold in Preliminary Singles (7 years and under) with Ashley Morgan taking the bronze. Julia Long won the gold in Preliminary (8 years and under) [Results]

One of our former skaters, Robyn Andrews was featured in the The Telegram. Read Robin Short’s touching and inspiring story on “A skater’s fight for life“.

27-29 February: 16 club skaters took part in the Provincial Championships at the Glacier, Mount Pearl, with excellent results. On Friday Jenna Hillyard had a great skate to win the gold medal in Junior Bronze C. In Preliminary C Victoria Porter tied for 5th, Erinn Power finished 8th and Valerie Ball 12th. On Saturday, Anna Stylianides won gold in Preliminary A, with Ashley Morgan finishing an excellent 4th. David Craggs won silver in pre-juvenile men, Kerrilyn Evans silver in pre-novice short, and Sara Squires silver in novice short. On Sunday, club skaters had some wonderful performances, capped by Sara Squires’ outstanding gold medal winning skate in novice long that also won Sara the Ted Withers award for most outstanding performace in the competition. In juvenile ladies Stephanie Fagan and Yvonne Chan had super skates to win silver and bronze respectively. Samantha Phelan won gold in Junior Silver A with another excellent skate, and Angela Courage won silver in Senior Silver. The club unofficially finished 2nd for the Chapman Trophy for best club – congratulations to Ice Crystals who won the trophy for the first time [full resultsphotos].

14 February: The club had some excellent results at Skate Mount Pearl. Medalists included Jenna Hillyard (silver, Junior Bronze C), Beth Liverman (silver, Senior Bronze C), Angela Courage (bronze, Senior Bronze open), Julia Long (bronze, Preliminary A group 1), Anna Stylianides (gold, Preliminary A group 2), Nicole Chan (silver, Preliminary A group 2), Ashley Morgan (bronze, Preliminary A group 2), Victoria Porter (gold, Preliminary C group 1), Erinn Power (gold, Preliminary C group 2), and Maggie Walsh (silver, Pre-preliminary A) [full results | photos].

7 February: The BoM Financial Group Skate Canada Junior Nationals took place in Nepean, Ontario. The club was being represented by Corey Sutherland in Novice Men. After the short programme Corey was in 11th place (placed as high as 7th by some judges), and moved up to 10th in the long. Congratulations to Corey for representing our club and province so well [Results]

January 30-31: The club sent four teams to compete at the North Atlantic Petroleum Provincial Synchronised skating championships in Corner Brook. The Princettes had an excellent skate to finish 5th in pre-juvenile (earning 2nd and 3rd place ordinals from two judges). The Princelles won a bronze medal in juvenile, missing silver by a narrow margin. Synergy competed in junior and finished fourth, an excellent result for a first year team in the category, competing against very experienced teams. InSync were delighted to win a gold medal in the Masters category, having a great skate. Congratulations to all our skaters, and our coaches Daisy Power and Shirley Thistle; and thanks to Silver Blades for a great competition [Results | Photos | More photos | Our teams]

January 17: The Club won the Browning-Harvey trophy for Best Club at Avalon regionals for the fourth consecutive year. Well done to all our skaters and coaches for another outstanding competition. Medalists include: David Craggs (gold, pre-juvenile), Maggie Walsh (gold, Pre Preliminary Ladies “A”), Anna Stylianides (gold, Preliminary Ladies “A”), Erinn Power (gold, Preliminary Ladies “C”), Yvonne Chan (gold, Juvenile), Stephanie Fagan (silver, juvenile), Julia Mercer (silver, Prejuvenile), Victoria Porter (silver, Preliminary Ladies “C”), Samantha Phelan (silver, Senior Bronze Ladies open), Valerie Ball (bronze, Preliminary Ladies “C”), Nicole Burt (bronze, juvenile), Jenna Hillyard (bronze, Junior Bronze C), Angela Courage (bronze, Senior Bronze Ladies open) and Ashley Morgan (bronze Preliminary Ladies “A”). Several other skaters skated personal bests. We will be sending 15 skaters to provincials in February. [Full results |photos

Congratulations to Allie McCurdy and her partner Michael Coreno on their 7th place finish in Junior dance at the Canadian Championships. Now competing for Eastern Ontario, Allie learned to skate in our Canskate prgramme.

December 13: Congratulations to Corey Sutherland who qualified for Junior Nationals with an 8th place finish in novice men, and to Kerrilyn Evans who was the top placed Newfoundland skater in pre-novice ladies with 23rd place. Matthew Wakeham finished in 15th place in pre-novice men.

December 12: A great short programme by Corey Sutherland has him in 5th place in novice men at Eastern Challenge. Sara Squires placed 26th in novice long and 26th overall.

December 11: After short programmes at the Eastern Challenge, Kerrilyn Evans stood an excellent 21st in pre-novice ladies, Sara Squires was in 25th in ladies novice, and Matthew Wakeham was 18th in pre-novice men. Former club member Rhian Walther was judging at the competition. [Full results | Event web site]

December 13: congratulations to Angela Courage on passing her Senior Silver elements at high level test day.

Our club is well represented on the recently announced 2003-04 Provincial teams. Congratulations to the following: Corey Sutherland, Sara Squires, Kerrilyn Evans (Senior A); David Craggs, Stephanie Fagan, Yvonne Chan, Nicole Burt (Senior B); and Julia Mercer (Junior A) [more details].

November 28: Beth Liverman was the lucky winner of the Skate Newfoundland and Labrador ticket draw for an all-expenses paid trip to Edmonton to see the Canadian Championships in January.

Nov 14-16: Our club provided financial and logistical assistance to Skate Newfoundland and Labrador in running a synchronised skating seminar, with Josianne Lamnond and Nancy Alexander. All four of our teams took part (pre-juvenile, juvenile, junior and adult) and learnt a lot from the experience [photos]

Nov 8-9: The club sent 8 skaters to the BMO Financial Group Sectionals held in Bay Roberts. On Saturday, Julia Mercer had an excellent skate to finish 6th in pre-juvenile, a great result in a strong field. Kerrilyn Evans finished in in third place after the short programme in pre-novice ladies, and Corey Sutherland second in novice men. Sara Squires had an excellent skate to finish in first place after the novice ladies short. Congratulations as well to Kayla Kennedy (who competes for CBS SC but also skates on our juvenile synchro team) on her silver medal in pre-juvenile; and to Matthew Wakeham (of CBN SC, but who also skates on our senior sessions) for a great skate in pre-novice short and long.

On Sunday, David Craggs had a good skate to earn a silver medal in pre-juvenile men. In juvenile, all three of our entries had good performances; Nicole Burt finished 6th, Yvonne Chan 5th and Stephanie Fagan had a great skate to win a bronze medal. Kerrilyn Evans finished fourth in pre-novice long and fourth overall. Sara Squires skated a fine long programme to finish 3rd overall in ladies novice, and Corey Sutherland won a silver medal in mens novice. Sara, Corey and Kerrilyn have earned the right to travel to Quebec to take part in the Eastern Challenge event in December.[results and photos]

Oct 5: many more passes on Fall school Test day. Congratulations to Samantha Phelan (Junior Silver), Sara Squires (Rocker), Kerrilyn Evans (American), Megan Howell (Willow), Megan Howell (Fiesta), Bethany Porter (Dutch waltz, Canasta), Charlotte Bidgood (Dutch waltz, Baby Blues), David Craggs (preliminary skills), Julia Long (preliminary skills), Valerie Ball (preliminary skills) and Maggie Walsh (preliminary skills, preliminary free skate elements).

Sep 25: congratulations to Nicole Burt on passing her juvenile competitive test at Fall school. In addtion Kerrilyn Evans and Hayley Porter were successful in Junior Silver Skills tests.

Five club skaters took part in the exciting Ice Galaxie show at Mile One Stadium on September 20th. Sara Squires, Kerilynn Evans, Yvonne Chan, Nicole Burt and David Craggs shared the ice with Kurt Browning, Shae-lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz and others [photos].

We offer condolences to the family of Dorothy Chapman who passed away on Friday September 5. Mrs Chapman, along with her late husband, Joe, was much involved in the early years of the club, and her daughters Wendy, Christine and Barbara skated with us, as did her grand-daughter Adrienne. Christine, Wendy and Adrienne have also contributed much to the club as coaches.

Good luck to long time club member as skater and now coach Adrienne Mercer, who is moving to Halifax to continue her studies – she’ll be much missed at the rink.

Nicole Chan (silver, preliminary), Ashley Morgan (bronze, preliminary), Kerrilyn Evans (silver, pre-novice long) and Sara Squires (bronzes in novice long and short) all medalled at summer sectionals [full results | photographs].

On test day at the conclusion of summer school, Beth Liverman passed her senior silver skills, and her first senior silver dance (the blues).

Several of our skaters are training out of province this summer. On July 19-20 Sara Squires, Kerrilyn Evans and Samantha Phelan competed in the Lloyd Ogilvie Memorial competition in Stamford, Ontario. Sara finished 8th in Novice ladies short, and 3rd in Novice ladies long. Kerrilyn finished 5th in Pre-novice ladies short, and 2nd in Pre-novice ladies long. Samantha finished 5th in Starskate Senior Bronze

Congratulations to Rhian Walther formerly a member of the Prince of Wales Skating Club. Rhian was recently honoured by Skate Canada Eastern Ontario as the recipient of the Section Officials Award for the 2002-2003 Season.

May 23-24: Avalon region spring school finished with 2 days of testing. Congratulations to club skaters passing Tests. Julia Long, Samantha Sooley and Katie Rogers passed the Preliminary freeskate test. Megan Howell and Carissa Collins passed their Junior Bronze freeskate test. Stephanie Fagan passed her Juvenile competitive test. Beth Liverman passed her Junior Silver elements, Kerrilynn Evans the European and Keats Foxtrot dances, and Angela Courage the Keats dance. Anna Stylianides, Erin Power, Nicole Chan and Samantha Sooley passed Preliminary skills. In Preliminary and Junior Bronze level dances, Megan Howell, Ashley Morgan, Carissa Collins and Victoria Porter earned passes in the Fiesta, Charlotte Bidgood in the Canasta, Siobham Wilkins and Carissa Collins in the Willow, Megan Howell and Victoria Porter in the Swing, and Valerie Ball, Anna Stylianides, Katie Rodgers, Nicole Chan and Julia Long in the Baby Blues. In Senior Bronze dance Jennifer Noel, Nicole Burt, Stephaie Fagan, and Yvonne Chan all passed the TenFox. Nicole Burt, Stephanie Fagan, Yvonne Chan all passed Senior Bronze skills.

At the Skate Newfoundland and Labrador, AGM, May 3, the Club presented to Skate Newfoundland and Labrador a trophy for Junior Provincials. The club decided to donate the trophy in honour of the many years of dedicated volunteer work put in by Agnes Thistle, a club member, former club executive member, and high-level judge. The “Agnes Thistle Shield” will be presented each year to the club with best results at the Junior Provincials competition.

At the AGM Dave Liverman, past-president of Prince of Wales won the Section Volunteer award largely for his work on the Skate Newfoundland and Labrador web site. In addition Wendy Mercer was nominated by the Section as a candidate for Skate Canada recreation coach of the year.

Yvonne Chan, Stephanie Fagan, Nicole Burt and Kerrilyn Evans were invited to participate in the Skate Canada Section Youth camp May 3-4 in Gander.

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