News 2006-07

A compilation of news from 2006-07

Our Canskate sessions are instructed by our professional coaches, with the assistance of “programme assistants”. Programme assistants are club skaters aged 12 and over who volunteer their time to assist the club in operating CanSkate. The programme assistants are essential to the running of CanSkate, and we are fortunate to have a committed and talented group. Each year, as a token of our appreciation, the Club selects a programme assistant of the year. This year we made a joint award to Allie Winter and Robyn LeDrew. Both Allie and Robyn have been helping with Canskate for over 8 years and are dedicated and enthusiastic PAs [past winners].

Our Interclub skaters gave us a fine end to the season, earing us trophies for both most improved club, and most points at Avalon Interclub. For the first time in many years the club this year won the most points trophy at Regionals, Provincials and Interclub. Medalists included Holly Burford (silver CanSkate Stage 4), Amber Boutcher (gold, CanSkate Stage 5), Bobbi Glenn Butler (silver, CanSkate Stage 5), Meghan Walsh (gold, CanSkate Stage 5), Alison Poynter (silver, CanSkate Stage 5), Keeley Hatfeld (bronze, CanSkate Stage 5), MacKenzie Woodfine (gold, CanSkate Stage 6), Kathleen Dyer (bronze, CanSkate Stage 6), Simone Wilkins (silver, CanSkate Stage 6), Brittany Hiscock (gold, CanSkate Stage 6), Spencer Wilkins (gold, CanSkate Stage 7), Laura Stevens (silver, CanSkate Stage 7), Janel Hancock (bronze, pre-preliminary), Gillian Bowering (gold, pre-preliminary), and the Popsicles synchro team (gold, CanSkate synchro) [photos]

Our season wound up with a great ice show, featuring some great skating from all, including soloists Jenna Hillyard, Philip McDermott, Julia Howley, Yvonne Chan, and Julia Mercer, and guest Joey Russell who thrilled the crowd with his spectacular triple jumps. Heidi Dunphy and Meghan Allen were presented with Canskate Champions medals, and Jenny Biles named Canskater of the Year, all part of the BMO Financial Group Canskate Champions medal programme [photos | CanSkate award winners]

Congratulations to Kayla Kennedy (silver interpetive), Julia Mercer (novice competitive) and Nicole Burt (novice competitive) on passing tests at high level test day.

At low-level test day, our skaters had a 100% pass rate. Tests passed included:-
Preliminary Freeskate – Gillian Bowring, Maria Dobbin, Meghan Dobbin;
Preliminary Skills: Meghan Dobbin Hannah Kirby, Joshua Robinson, Spencer Robinson
Preliminary dance: Baby Blues – Shae-Lynn Groves, Meghan Dobbin, Hannah Kirby, Joshua Robinson, Spencer Robinson; Canasta – Marie Dobbin, Meghan Dobbin, Hannah Kirby; Dutch waltz; Sarah Jane Downton
Junior Bronze freeskate; Shae-Lynn Groves, Julia Howley, Iona Stylianides, Julia Bursey
Senior Bronze Skills: Katie Rogers, Maggie Walsh, Emily Rudkin
Senior Bronze freeskate: Maggie Walsh

Eligible skaters in our Junior-Senior programme are encouraged to apply for club bursaries to assist in costs for summer training [more information]

Julia Mercer represented the province in the Canada Games in Whitehorse. She finished 16th in prenovice short and skated an excellent long programme to move up four places to 12th Canada Games web site

The Donna Clouston print (prize for tickets sold as a synchro fund raiser) was won by P Hearn, Ticket #254. Thanks to all who supported our fund raiser.

Skaters from the club had an excellent Provincial championships in Gander, earning the Chapman Shield for most points for the second year in a row. Julia Mercer also was awarded the Withers Trophy for most outstanding performance. On Sunday, Julia Mercer won gold in prenovice long with Yvonne Chan 2nd; Kayla Kennedy placed 3rd in bronze triathlon, Jenna Hillyard 2nd in silver triathlon, and Sam Phelan 2nd in gold triathlon; Brittany George placed 7th in interpretive. On Saturday, Julia Howley placed 2nd in preliminary with Iona Stylianides third. Anna Stylianides placed 2nd in juvenile, with Ashley Morgan, making a remarkable recovery from an appendectomy one month ago earning the bronze and Nicole Chan 7th. Maggie Walsh placed 2nd in prejuvenile with Olivia Drover Martin 6th, and Nicole Mallay was 4th in senior bronze. Jenna Hillyard won gold in gld freeskate, with Samantha Phelan 2nd, and Kayla Kennedy finished second in senior silver. Erinn Power won a silver medal in Junior silver, with Victoria Porter 8th. On the opening day of competition Philip McDermott won gold in preliminary, with Joshua Robinson winning bronze, Spencer Robinson having an excellent skate for 6th. In pre-novice short, Yvonne Chan won gold, Julia Mercer silver, and Carly Austin and Nicole Burt were part of a three way tie for third. Valerie Ball finished 4th in Junior Bronze. [Results | Photos]

We offer sincere condolences to the friends and family of Sherry Drover, a long time coach in the Avalon and Central regions, who recently passed away. Sherry will be much missed by all of her skating students and friends in the skating community. Sherry coached with us in the 1990s.

Congratulations to our skaters who competed at Skate Mount Pearl this weekend (February 17). Medlaists included Shaylyn Groves (gold, preliminary 12 and over), Julia Bursey (bronze, preliminary 12 and over), Katie Rogers (silver, Junior Bronze – 12 & 13 Years), Valerie Ball (silver, Junior Bronze – 14 and up), Maggie Walsh (silver, prejuvenile), Anna Stylianides (silver, juvenile), Phillip McDermott (silver, preliminary), Julia Howley (gold, preliminary) and Iona Stylianides (silver, preliminary) [Full results].

Our synchro teams had a very successful competition at the Eastern Festival of Synchronized Skating. The Princelles novice team won gold in Provincials and a bronze in Eastern festival with two excellent skates. InSync captured their fourth consecutive provincial title in Masters, also earning gold in Eastern Festival. Synergy overcame some technical challenges to earn a provincial silver medal. The Princettes (prejuvenile) earned two bronze medals! Congratulations to all skaters and coaches on a great performance. [Event web site | Photos].

Stephanie Fagan competed in Skate Dartmouth February 2-4, winning a bronze medal in prenovice long, and finishing 7th in prenovice short [results]

Congratulations to Beth Liverman who passed her final gold dance to become a triple gold test skater (dance, intepretive, skills).

Olivia Drover-Martin attended Canadians in Halifax – her return flight was cancelled and next morning she ran into a few familiar faces at the airport! [Photos]

The club had a great day at Avalon Regionals on Bell Island winning the best club trophy for the first time since 2005. Julia Mercer was awarded the mini-Balisch Cup for most artistic skater. Our medalists included Gold; Julia Howley, Joshua Robinson, Maggie Walsh, Jenna Hillyard and Julia Mercer: Silver; Iona Stylianides, Philip McDermott, Olivia Drover Martin, Anna Stylianides, Nicole Mallay, Samantha Phelan, and Yvonne Chan: Bronze; Spencer Robinson, Valerie Ball, Nicole Chan, Kayla Kennedy and Carly Austin. Congratulations to these and our other skaters who represented the club well [Results | Photos]

Congratulations to the following 16 skaters who were named to 2006-07 provincial teams: Julia Mercer (Senior A), Yvonne Chan (Senior A), Stephanie Fagan (Senior B), Carly Austin (Senior B), Nicole Burt (Senior B); Anna Stylianides (Senior B), Ashley Morgan (Senior B), Nicole Chan (Senior B), Olivia Drover-Martin (Junior A), Maggie Walsh (Junior A), Iona Stylianides (Junior A), Julia Howley (Junior A), Phillip McDermott (Junior A), Joshua Robinson (Junior A), and Spencer Robinson (Junior A).

Synergy, our Junior synchro team, and Julia Mercer skated excellent performances to a packed crowd to provide between periods entertainment at the Old Timers Hockey Challenge at Mile One [photos].

There was a good turn out at the year-end fun skate, and quite a few stayed on to watch some excellent performances by club skaters [photos]

The HOMESENSE Sectional STARSkater of the Month Contest continues this year! Olivia Martin is November’s winner of a $100 HomeSense gift certificate Details may be found at, and entry forms in the club office.

Our PresSkate and CanSkate final pre-Christmas sessions had a special visitor [photos]

Congratulations to Jenna Hillyard, who passed her gold freeskating test at test day in CBS!

Congratulations to Julia Mercer, whose 18th place finish in pre-novice women at Eastern Challenge was a personal best and gives her a spot on the Canada Games team. Yvonne Chan finished 23rd in the same event [Event web site]

Congratulations to Jenna Hillyard who recently passed her Senior Silver skills test; and to Kayla Kennedy, Lana McCaw and Brittany George who passed introductory interpretive tests (Kayla and Lana also passed their bronze interpretive).

Stephanie Fagan recently got to spend some time with Canadian Junior champion Joey Russell at the the 2006 BMO Community Skate – Skate with the Stars event in Halifax [photos]

Our club hosted the BMO Financial Group Sectionals, Nov 11-12 at the Goulds arena. The competition ran very well, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, led by chair Christine Morgan; and our skaters had some excellent performances. Our preliminary skaters led the way with Phillip McDermott (gold), Joshua Robinson (silver), and Spencer Robinson (bronze) in men; and Iona Stylianides (silver) and Julia Howley (bronze) in women. Olivia Drover-Martin (6th) and Maggie Walsh (4th) had excellent skates in Pre-Juvenile. In Pre-Novice ladies Julia Mercer finished 3rd, Yvonne Chan 4th, Stephanie Fagan 5th, Carly Austin 7th and Nicole Burt 8th. In Juvenile, Anna Stylianides won silver, Ashley Morgan was 4th and Nicole Chan 6th. Julia Mercer and Yvonne Chan now move on to represent the province at Eastern Challenge in Moncton at the end of the month. [Results].

Most of our top skaters competeted in the Rebecca Pack Friendship Skate at the Glacier. Julia Howley won gold in preliminary with Iona Stylianides silver and Phillip McDermott gold in mens. Maggie Walsh finished 3rd in Pre-Juvenile with Olivia Drover-Martin 7th. Anna Stylianides won the Juvenile event, with Nicole Chan 3rd and Ashley Morgan fourth. Yvonne Chan won both pre-novice ladies long and short. Julia Mercer finished 3rd in the short, and 2nd in the long. Nicole Burt finished 4th in the short and 3rd in the long; and Carly Austin finished 4th in the long and 5th in the short. Julia Mercer was also selected as the winner of the first Rebecca Pack Memorial Award. This commemorative award in honour of Rebecca Pack is presented to the competitor, who in the opinion of the Competition Judges, demonstrates tenacity, a love of skating, and good sportsmanship, all of the endearing qualities we will remember when we think of Rebecca. [Results | Photos]

Stephanie Fagan competed in the Challenge Cup in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, After a rough start in her short, placing 12th out of 19 Pre-Novice, she won the long program for a second place finish.

Two club members recently received promotions as officials. Beth Liverman is now a Juvenile level judge, and the national Officials Coordinating Committee (OCC) has promoted Corey Sutherland to Technical Specialist at the Challenge level in Singles

Our skaters showed the benfit of hard work at the summer training centre with some excellent resuts at Summerskate. Stephanie Fagan won both PreNovice short and long, Carly Austin finished 3rd in pre-novice free; Anna Stylianedes won juvenile with Ashley Morgan 2nd; Maggie Walsh finished 3rd, Olivia Martin 5th in pre-juvenile; Jenna Hillyard won Senior Silver with Kayla Kennedy 2nd; and Iona Stylianides (2nd) and Julia Howley (3rd) did well in preliminary [Results | Photos]

Congratulations to Carly Austin and Nicole Burt passing the Pre-Novice test.

We wish former club vice-president Jackie Atkinson, and her daughter Stephanie Fagan all the best as they move to Nova Scotia this month. Stephanie will continue to represent Prince of Wales this year.

Soccer success: Kimberly Crocker of Synergy was named “Most Spirited Player” for the Avalon all-star team at the recent Provincial Under-16 Soccer Championships. Alexandra Vaughan-Jackson, playing on the Goulds team, was named most valuable player in the Under 12 Provincial C championships.

Andrea Thistle, Kathryn Vardy and Meghan Burt showed the benefits of “off season” training with Synergy, the club’s Junior synchro team as their team won the female Intermediate event at the Royal St. John’s Regatta.

Club coaches Katy Blagdon and Jennifer Osmond; and Synergy team member Robyn LeDrew completed the Tele 10 10 mile road roace on July 24 – congratulations to them on their accomplishment!

Prince of Wales adult skater John Hall recently competed at the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition in Oberstdorf, Germany, part of a Canadian team of 15. John placed 4th in the men’s Gold Free skating I event [ISU results page]

Congratulations to Beth Liverman, who has achieved her Juvenile Judges Promotion.

At Spring School Test Day, Stephanie Fagan passed her Novice competitive test. In addition Beth Liverman passed two Gold dances. Other tests passed included Julia Bursey (preliminary skills, swing), Emily Rudkin (Junior Bronze skils, 10 fox), Nicole Burt (Junior Silver skills, Keats, Rocker), Julia Mercer (Senior Bronze skills, European), Nicole Chan (Senior Bronze skills, European), Anna Stylianides (Senior Bronze skills), Valerie Ball (14 Step, European), Kirsten Baker (Senior Bronze skills, 10fox), Philip McDermott (preliminary skills, baby blues), Iona Stylianides (preliminary skills, preliminary dance), Nicole Mallay (Senior bronze freeskate 10 fox), Julia Howley (preliminary freeskate, skills, dance), Megan Burt (European), Maggie Walsh (Willow), Megan Walsh (preliminary skills, freeskate), Lindsay House (preliminary skills, dutch waltz), Carly Austin (Rocker), Samantha Sooley (10 fox), Olivia Martin (Baby Blues, Swing, Fiesta), Victoria Porter (Junior Silver freeskate), Jenna Hillyard (Senior silver free), Kayla Kennedy (Senior Silver elements, Rocker, American), and Erinn Power (Junior Silver elements).

At the Annual Gneral Meeting, reports showed the club in a healthy financial position, and that overall 2005-06 was marked by much success on and off the ice. A new executive was elected, with Dave Liverman returning as President [President’s report]

Congratulations to Stephanie Fagan who was named as a recipent of a 2005 – 2006 Premier’s Athletic Award [Government news release].

At the Town of Paradise’s Municipal Awards Banquet last weekend, Synergy team member Kimberley Crocker was named Youth of the Year for the Town and 1st runner up for Athlete of the Year!

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