2012 Interclub Competition

Congratulations to all our skaters who competed at the 2012 Avalon Region Interclub Competition, and our volunteer team for hosting the event. We are very proud that the following skaters competed, many for the first time, and represented our club at this competition:

Livi Allen, Gemma Andersen-Jones, Sophie Bennett, Danielle Bolger, Barbara Kate Cavell, Madison Chambers, Skye Coffey, Abby Cook, Kathleen Curran, Takoda Druken, Jena Dyer, Mikayla Fennelly, Catherine Guzwell, Amy Learning, Grace Lee, Chelsea Masterson, Sarah Muzychka, Leah Peckham, Lauren Quinlan, Gracyn Rowe, Katie Warford, Sarah Evans.

Congratulations to Leah Peckham (gold) and Gemma Andersen-Jones (silver) in Pre-Preliminary 1 – 9 years; Mikayla Fennelly (silver) in Pre-Preliminary 1 – 10 years; and all our skaters for their achievements in the Canskate events.


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