Avalon Interclub

Thirty of our younger skaters competed at Avalon Interclub in CBS this weekend. Congratulations to all skaters. Our medalists included:-
Gold: Gracie Lee (Pre-Preliminary II U9), Barbara Kate Cavell (Pre-Preliminary II U9)
Silver: Abby Pace ( Preliminary U10), Mackenzie Byrne (Preliminary U19), Jena Dyer (Pre-Preliminary II U9), Lauren Quinlan (Pre-Preliminary I U8); Madison Chambers (Pre-Preliminary I U9)
Bronze: Brooke Coffey (Preliminary U10), Makena Tucker (Pre-Preliminary II U9); Sarah Evans (Pre-Preliminary I U9)
In addition the following took part in the Canskate Skate to standard events.
CanSkate 4: Abby Cook; CanSkate 5: Grace Parsons, Heather Bolger, Jacob Billard, Jenny Myrick; CanSkate 6: Amy Learning, Gracyn Rowe, Ebyni Clarke, Olivia Wilson; CanSkate 7: Brianna Gibbons, Mary Ann Butler, Livi Allen, Katie Warford, Takoda Druken

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