Eastern Divisionals

The 2018 Eastern Divisionals was held in Harbour Grace, January 20th-21st. With a total of 19 medals, Prince of Wales was named the club earning the most points for the competition. Star 4 skater, Joanna Li was awarded the Mini Balish Cup for most artistic performance. Well done skaters!


Joanna Li and coach Wendy Mercer

Joanna Li and coach Wendy Mercer

Abby Pace – PreNovice, Dayton Fifield – Star 9 & Gold women, Kathleen Curran – Star 8, Eva Myrick – Star 5 u10, Georgia Scott – Star 5 u13, Allison Randell – Star 4 13&over, Mikayla Fennelly – Silver Interpretive, Jade Russell – Adult Gold & Adult Bronze Interpretive, Tiffany Whynot – Adult Gold Interpretive


Eve Blagdon – Pre-Novice, Boroka Albert – Pre-Juvenile u11, Danielle Bolger – Star 4 13&over, Isabella Cura – Bronze creative skills, Tiffany Whynot – Adult Gold


Joanna Li – Star 4 u10, Hannah Vautier – Star 4 u13, Elizabeth Clarke – Bronze Interpretive

  • Juvenile – Lauren Quinlan 6th
  • Pre-Juvenile u13- Katie Best 4th
  • Star 7 – Kathleen Curran 5th
  • Star 6 – Mikayla Fennelly 6th, Barabara-Kate Cavell 7th
  • Star 5 u13 – Jenny Myrick 6th, Jasmine Macdonald 13th
  • Star 5 13&over – Deidre Ivey 9th, Katie Warford 15th
  • Star 4 u13 – Veronica Cura 4th, Maria Keough 6th, Julia Earle 7th, Sarah-Grace Li 11th, Erin Dalton 17th, Renee Hynes 17th, Heather Bolger 23rd, Isabelle Young 29th
  • Star 4 13&over – Regan Scott 4th, Brianna Gibbons 23rd
  • Bronze Interpretive – Regan Scott 5th, Olivia Wilson 6th

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