Avalon Region – Board of Directors Vacancy

The Avalon Region are currently seeking an Assistant Director and Secretary.

The descriptions listed in our constitution are as follows:

The Assistant Director shall

(a) Perform such duties as may be delegated by the Region Director, and

(b) Chair all meetings in the absence of the Regional Director.

 The Secretary shall

(a) Attend all meetings and record the minutes thereof;

(b) Keep an up to date record of all club executives in the Avalon Region;

(c) Be responsible for all correspondence to and from the ARSCNL, and

(d) Report on all matters of interest at any meeting of the ARSCNL.

We will also be updating our Constitution this season, so description and/or wording may slightly change.
Any questions or inquiries can be sent to the Avalon Region Director, Darlene Dawe at avalonregionskating@hotmail.com

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