Agnes Thistle Invatational

The club had a strong showing at the 2018 Agnes Thistle invitational held in Grand Falls, Dec. 1st-2nd. Mikayla Fennelly was a double gold medalist, placing 1st in both Star 6 Woman and Silver Interpretive. Full results as follows;

Mikayla Fennelly - Double Gold medalist

Mikayla Fennelly – Double Gold medalist

Star 10 – Kathleen Curran 2nd

Star 9 – Kathleen Curran 5th

Star 6 – Mikayla Fennelly 1st, Georgia Scott 2nd, Julia Earle 5th, Deidre Ivey 6th, Lauren Quinlan 7th, Barbara Kate Cavell 9th

Star 5 u13 – Veronica Cura 7th, Hannah Vautier 9th

Star 5 13&over – Maria Keough 4th, Jasmine MacDonald 6th, Katie Warford 8th

Star 4 13&over – Allison Randell 1st, Regan Scott 4th, Isabelle Young 6th

Silver Interpretive – Mikayla Fennelly 1st

Gold Interpretive – Anna Carter 1st

Star 3 – Ulyanna O’Brien, Chloe Clarke, Hannah-Lee Bickford, 

Star 1 – Addison Drover

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