A number of awards are presented annually at the Club ice show. The following is a partial list of recipients.

Chapman Mercer Performance Cup
The Chapman Mercer Performance Cup is awarded to a club skater who demonstrates exemplary performance at competitions throughout the skating season. The cup first first awarded in 2015 to mark the club’s 50th anniversary, and is named in honour of Wendy Mercer, original club member, longest standing club coach, friend and champion of the sport of Figure Skating.

2017: Eve Blagdon
2016: Eve Blagdon
2015: Abby Pace

Programme Assistant of the year awards

Our CanSkate programme operates through the efforts of our professional coaches combined with the skills of our programme assistants. The programme assistants are young skaters who lend their time to help coach the CanSkate programme. Every year we present an award to the Programme Assistant of the Year, as a mark of our appreciation of the hard work and professionalism shown by these young people.
2017: Dayton Fifield, Maria Keough and Deidre Ivey
2015: Erin Maher
2014: Jenny Biles
2013: Marlee Rae
2012: Breaunna Miller
2011: Nicole Burt
2010: Sarah-Jane Downton
2009: Yvonne Chan
2008: Carly Austin
2007: Allie Winter and Robyn LeDrew
2006: Megan Burt and Jennifer Noel
2005: Beth Liverman
2004: Samantha Phelan
2003: Andrea Thistle
2002: Jennifer Osmond
2001: Alison Pardy?

Programme Assistant Award of Excellence

The criteria for this award are

  • At least 5 years PA experience
  • PAing with enthusiasm
  • Takes initiative to problem solve in relationship to group work
  • Excellent interest in skills development
  • Incorporates fun into the programme
  • Volunteers more than is required by the club

2017: Elin Maskova
2016: Erin Maher, Lauren Woodruff and Jenny Biles
2015: Hayley Porter
2014: Ashley Morgan
2013: Kim French & Breaunna Miller
2012: Marlee Rae
2011: Carly Austin and Valerie Ball
2010: Yvonne Chan and Nicole Burt
2009: Megan Burt
2008: Andrea Thistle, Beth Liverman, Allie Winter and Robyn LeDrew

CanPowerSkate Programme Assistant Award

2011: Courtney Dymond
2010: Chad Carter
2009: Shane Roberts

John Hall

John Hall Memorial Award for volunteers

This award is presented during an annual club Ice Show, Exhibition or AGM by a member of the Hall family if possible. The award was presented for the first time in 2009.
Active and currently registered adult volunteer whose efforts have produced specific, positive results in our club;
An individual whose contributions reflect passion for the sport and its participants;
An individual who has been involved in the sport of figure skating for a minimum of 5 years;
An individual who is an exemplary role model for other volunteers, skaters, coaches etc., and who leads by example; and
Past winners of this award are not eligible for re-nomination.

The Executive Committee is the selection committee, and are not eligible for this award. All nominations will be sent to the President of the club and the executive committee will then select the winner.

John Hall, an adult competitive skater who represented the club at international competitions (including the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition in Oberstdorf, Germany) in 2006 passed away Sunday, October 14, 2007 after a year long courageous battle with cancer. John was a fine and committed volunteer, a former executive member of Prince of Wales SC, and part of the volunteer team at Mastercard Skate Canada. John led the way for adult recreational skaters in Newfoundland and Labrador, and made many friends in the adult skating community across Canada and internationally competing in France, Germany and across Canada.

2018:  Wendy Mercer

2017: Tracey Fifield
2016: Kim French
2015: Marjorie Noel
2014: Dana Boucher
2013: Christine Morgan
2012: Gigi Downton
2011: Dave Liverman
2010: Ruth Noel
2009: Donna Burt

Canskater of the Year
2017: Nathan Wilson
2015: Adam Masek
2014: Julia Yang
2013: Jake Billard
2012: Sophie Bennett
2011: Lauren Quinlan
2010: Anna Carter
2009: Alison Jeon
2008: RJ Lee
2007: Jenny Biles
2006: Brittany Hiscock
2005: Iona Stylianides
2004: Julia Howley
2003: Julia Kennedy
2002: Nicole Mallay
2001: Katy Churchill

Canskate Champions/ Spirit of Canskate medalists
2017: Charlotte Madden and Taylor-Jo Galarneau
2015: Maggie and Anna Saunders
2014: Marin Rowe and Sarah Grace Li
2013: Grace Parsons & Connor Flaherty
2012: Ebyni Clarke and Takoda Druken
2011: Sarah Evans and Melanie Coady
2010: Jena Dyer & Sarah Pace
2009: Shannon Finn & Breauna Reid
2008: Elin Maskova and Emily Samson
2007: Heidi Dunphy and Meghan Allen
2006: Michaela Du Toit and Fiona O’Flaherty
2005: Gillian Bowering and Emily Griffin
2004: Bridgett Mackey and Julia Buckley
2003: Mark Hand and Matthew Drodge
2002: Michaela Croke and Stephen Pope

Olivia Burke Memorial CanpowerSkater of the Year award

This award is made in memory of Olvia Burke, a participant in the Club’s PreCanSkate programme who passed away tragically on January 7 2008.

2018:  Maxwell Branton

2017: Carrie Milks

2016:  Ethan Collins
2015: Liam Hedges
2014: Chloe Loehr
2013: Ronan Whitten
2012: Brady Mitchlemore
2011: Zachery Layman
2010: Ryan Maher
2009: Dawson Langdon