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Welcome to the Synergy web page. The Synergy team has been in existence for ten years and has been competing at progressively higher levels each year, enjoying first place finishes provincially and regionally. The team has represented Newfoundland and Labrador and the Atlantic region at National tournaments for the past four years, making it the most successful synchronized skating team in our province’s history.

Synergy thank their sponsors Canadian Tire (Kelsey Drive) for their very generous support
2013 team

The 2013 team is Carly Austin, Valerie Ball, Megan Burt, Nicole Burt, Jill Burton, Chesley Costello, SarahJane Downton, Megan Elliott, Ashley Feaver, Suzannah Healey, Breauna Miller, Clara Pollard, Hayley Porter and Marlee Rae

Team profiles


Synergy formed in the 2001-02 season, skating as the Princelles in novice. In 2001-02 and 2002-03, they won a silver medal at the Provincial championships, and in 2003 won bronze at Eastern Festival. In 2003-04 they moved up to Junior and finished an excellent fourth at provincials. In 2004-05 they captured a silver medal at Provincials, and travelled to Montreal for Eastern Festival, where they finished 13th. in 2005-06 they became provincial junior champions, and finished 9th at Eastern Festival in PEI. In 2006-07 Kayla Kennedy, Samantha Phelan and Lana McCaw joined the team, joined by Valerie Ball in 2007-08. Last season (2009-10) we lost three long-standing team members, Andrea Thistle, Robyn Ledrew and Kathryn Vardy but were fortunate in being able to recruit three great new members to the team, Stephanie Nevin, Tiffany Whynot and Carly Austin. The 2010-11 season saw retirements of valued team members, long-time captain Allie Winter, Beth Liverman and Meghan Burt, with Suzannah Healey, Susie Doulton, Marlee Rae, and Katie-Marie Brown joining the team.

The 2010-11 team members were Hayley Porter, Jennifer Noel, Siobhan Wilkins, Jenna Hillyard, Clara Pollard, Nicole Burt, Kayla Kennedy, Samantha Phelan, Lana McCaw, Valerie Ball, Stephanie Nevin, Tiffany Whynot, Carly Austin, Suzannah Healey, Susie Doulton, Marlee Rae, and Katie-Marie Brown.

2011-12 team: Carly Austin, Valerie Ball, Melanie Bingle, Nicole Burt, Laura Doulton, Susie Doulton, Suzannah Healey, Jenna Hillyard, Sarah Hogan, Lana McCaw, Stephanie Nevin, Jennifer Noel, Samantha Phelan, Clara Pollard, Hayley Porter, Marlee Rae, Tiffany Whynot, and Siobhan Wilkins.

2012-13 saw further changes; the team is Ashley Feaver, Sarah Hogan, Siobhan Wilkins, Lana McCaw, Hayley Porter, Erinn Power, Suzannah Healey, Laura Doulton, Valerie Ball, Susie Doulton, Kristie Boyd, Victoria Porter, Melanie Bingle and Marlee Rae

The team is coached by Shirley Thistle and the co-managers are Donna Ball and Lisa McCaw


  • 2012-13: the team beat off strong competition from teams from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to retain their Atlantic Championship.
  • Oct 2012: Congratulations to former Synergy member Nicole Burt who earned a World silver medal skating withNexxice Senior this year.
  • Feb 2012: Synergy competed against teams from across Canada at Nationals in the Intermediate category. They had a good first skate on Thursday and scored 21.26. They scored slightly lower on their second skate (40.51) for an overall score of 61.97, and finished 12th, their best finish of their three trips to Nationals.
  • Feb 2012: Synergy competed as single entrants at the Provincial Championships.
  • 2011: Synergy competed against teams from across Canada at Nationals in the Intermediate category. Synergy had an good first skate scoring 50.61, and followed that with another solid skate, scoring 48.54 – they placed 14th. Their total of 73.84 was less than a point below their own provincial record.
  • At the 2011 Atlantic Regional Synchronized Skating Championships/ Provincial Championships, Synergy won gold and also the Cornel Trophy for best team in the competition (results and photos).
  • Synergy competed at the 2010 BMO Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships. They are the first team from Newfoundland and Labrador to skate at nationals since 2003, and we believe the first team from Prince of Wales. They scored 39.19 in their first skate, and in their second skate they improved to score 45.28, for a total of 64.88.
  • 2010: The team competed in New Brunswick at Atlantic Regional synchro this weekend – dress rehearsal photos now on-line. As single entrants they automatically qualified for Canadian Nationals by taking part but had an excellent skate scoring 46.12 in their first skate, and 44.45 in the second.
  • Synergy won the Intermediate title at the Provincial Championships with a score of 74.76
  • 2009-10: Our long-term manager, Susan Thistle is stepping down this season, we thank her for a wonderful job, and welcome our new co-managers Donna Burt and Lisa McCaw
  • Kathryn Vardy Robyn Ledrew and Andrea Thistle retired from the team after the 2008-09 season.
  • February 2009: At the Provincial Championships Synergy retained their provincial title with a score of 79.16 and were also the winners of the Cornel Trophy for the best team in the competition.
  • February 2009: At the 2009 Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating, Halifax, Synergy placed 8th in Junior, the top-ranked team in Atlantic Canada, scoring 79.80, just outside of their provincial record.
  • September 2008: Synergy shared the ice with the likes of Kurt Browning, Jeff Buttle and Sale & Pelletier at Evening of Champions [photos]
  • February 2008: Synergy win provincial championship with personal best and provincial record score of 82.66.
  • January 2008: Synergy compete at Winterfest, finishing 10th out of 18, with a score of 73.46 combined [photos | video].
  • Sept 2007: Choreographer Nita Patel spent the weekend of Sep 7-8 with the team putting together a new programme. 16 of the 17 team members are returning this year. Nita, who skated on a world championship team, coached three teams to national medals last year [photos].
  • February 2007: at Provincials and Eastern Festival the team pulled together after a difficult first skate to capture a silver medal, 10th overall in Eastern Festival.
  • January 2007: The team had a great skate to a packed house at Mile One between periods at the Oldtimers hockey challenge for the second year in a row [photos].
  • December 2006: The team performed at the Christmas Funskate [photos]
  • Kimberly Crocker of Synergy was named “Most Spirited Player” for the Avalon all-star team at the recent Provincial Under-16 Soccer Championships.Andrea Thistle, Kathryn Vardy and Meghan Burt showed the benefits of “off season” training with Synergy, as their team won the female Intermediate event at the Royal St. John’s Regatta.Synergy team member Robyn LeDrew completed the Tele 10 10 mile road roace on July 24 – congratulations!
  • Congratulations to our team manager Susan Thistle on her recieving the Elizabeth Swann award (for efforts in synchronised skating) at the Provincial AGM in April 2006.
  • Synergy performed as special guests at the CBS SC 30th anniversary ice show.
  • March 2006: Synergy finished 9th at the Eastern Festival of Synchonized Skating in PEI [Event web site | Photos].
  • Feb 2006: Synergy won a closely contested competition at the Provincials to win their first Provincial championship – congratulations to Shirley and the girls for a fantastic effort [Results | Practice photos |Competition and medal presentation photos].
  • A few pictures from December 2005 practice
  • Caroline Evans and Sara Squires decided not to return for 2005-06, Samantha Tetford, Samantha Phelan, and Stephanie Noel of the 2003-04 team did not return for 2004-05; we wish all the best of luck in their future!.
  • Nov 05: The team enjoyed a succesful 2 hours with Josiane Lamond at the Section Synchro Seminar in early November [photos]

Competitive record

Synergy has been skating at Junior level since 2003-04. There are comparatively few competitions run locally- just Provincials – so for completeness we include results for earlier incarnations of the team – the Princettes (juvenile) and Princelles (novice).

  • 2001 Provincials, Southern Shore – gold, juvenile; Butt Trophy, most sportsmanlike team
  • 2002 Provincials, Mount Pearl – 2nd, novice
  • 2003 Provincials, Gander – 2nd, novice
  • 2003 Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating, St. John’s – 3rd, novice (highest ranked Newfoundland team)
  • 2004 Provincials, Corner Brook – 4th, Junior
  • 2005 Provincials, Mount Pearl – 2nd, Junior
  • 2005 Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating, Laval – 13th/17.
  • 2006 Provincials, Mount Pearl – 1st Junior
  • 2006 Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating, PEI – 9th Junior
  • 2007 Provincials, Mile One – 2nd Junior
  • 2007 Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating, Mile One – 10th Junior
  • 2008 Winterfest, Toronto, 2008- 10th, Junior Festival
  • 2008 Provincials, Grand Falls – 1st Junior
  • 2009 Eastern Festival of Synchronised Skating, Halifax – 8th Junior
  • 2009 Provincials, Corner Brook – 1st Junior; Cornel Trophy winners
  • 2010: Provincials, Mount Pearl – 1st Intermediate
  • 2010: Atlantic Regionals, New Brunswick – 1st Intermediate
  • 2010: National Championships – 13th Intermediate
  • 2011: Provincials- 1st Intermediate
  • 2011: Atlantic Regionals – 1st Intermediate
  • 2011: National Championships – 14th Intermediate
  • 2012: Provincials- 1st Intermediate
  • 2012: Atlantic Regionals – 1st Intermediate
  • 2012: National Championships – 12th Intermediate
  • 2013: Provincials 1st Intermediate
  • 2013: Atlantic Regionals – 1st Intermediate
  • 2013: National Championships – 12th Intermediate

We thank Canadian Tire (Kelsey Drive), sponsors of Synergy for their support

Provincial champions 2008

Group photo, 2007 Oldtimers

Provincial Champions 2006

Presentation of donation by St. John’s firefighters

Synchro provincials, February 06

practice, Provincials 06

At the oldtimers game

At the oldtimers game

Silver, Provincials 05

Practice, Provincials 05