Notable Achievments

Prince of Wales Figure Skating Club – notable achievments

This is a very incomplete list, especially with regard to gold tests, awards, and trophies. We’d welcome any additions or corrections.


The late Joe Chapman (one of our club’s founders) and Agnes Thistle (club volunteer for over 40 years) were inducted into the SCNL Hall of Fame in 2010.

Barbara Ryan, a member of the club was President of the Canadian Figure Skating Association from 1988-90, and represented Canada on the International Skating Union.

In 2013 club member Nicole Burt skated with senior synchro team Nexxice, winning a gold medal at the Canadian Championships, and a silver medal at the World Championships.

Virginia Toombs

Virginia Toombs who skated with the Club up to pre-novice level was Canadian Pairs champion at Novice level in 2000 and went on to compete at the Junior World Championships.

Virginia Toombs and Mark Spurrell competed at the first ever North American Challenge Skate in Lake Placid in 1997.

Brian MacLeod, a skater with the Club in the late 1960s went on to be a well known rock guitarist, playing with the band “Chilliwack”.

Kristina Strawbridge was the only figure skater in the province to carry the Olympic torch in 1988 when it was carried from Signal Hill to Calgary by runners in relay; club secretary Lesley Herridge carried the torch in 2009 en route to Vancouver 2010.

Wendy Chapman (now Mercer) competed at Canadians in 1969 after winning the Atlantic Provinces Championship at Novice and Junior levels; and as Newfoundland Senior champion. Wendy was the first skater from the Atlantic Province’ to pass
a Gold Test in Ice Dancing. Two years later she passed the Gold Free Dance test with partner Greg Bodnar, and Gold Figures and Free Skate Test a year after that.

Stephanie Fagan finished 6th at Junior Canadians as a Juvenile skater

Ryan Sutherland and Alisha Coolin represented the club at Canadians in Junior pairs in 2005; Julia Mercer and partner Wesley Killing competed in Junior pairs at the 2013 Canadian Championships.

Julia Mercer represented the club in Novice pairs at Canadians in 2012, and Junior Pairs in 2013, winning a gold medal in Novice pairs at the Skate Canada Challenge in December 2012.

Adrienne Mercer
Katy Churchill

Adrienne Mercer in 1998 became the first skater from Newfoundland to pass all Tests up to triple-gold level without a single failure.

Roland Eddy passed his Canasta Tango – and thus the complete preliminary dance test at the age of 71 in 2010

Most of the Newfoundland Section Trophies were donated by members or former members of the Club (Balisch Trophy, Chapman Trophy, Pound Trophy and Withers Trophy).

Kevin Walsh won CFSA coach of the year in 1995 whilst coaching at the Club.

Katy Churchill won the Provincial and National Bank of Montreal Canskater of the Year award in 2000-01.

The Club hosted the Atlantic Divisional Championships in 1988 and 1993, where we saw young skaters soon to be famous such as Bourne and Kraatz, David Pelletier, and Josee Chouinard compete.

Agnes Thistle named the first honourary member of the Section on 2007.

Skate Canada President’s CanSkate Challenge award winner for the greatest increase in CanSkate numbers in the province in 2008.


Regional club champions: 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2012

InterClub Champions: 1983, 1984, 1992, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009

Most improved at Regionals: 1990, 1993, 2000, 2011

Chapman Trophy – best club at Provincials: 1970, 1971, 1973 1983, 1991, 1994, 1994, 1998, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Davidson Trophy (most improved, Provincials): 1991, 1993

Thistle Shield (most points, Junior Provincials): 2010

Balisch Cup (most artistic skater, Provincials): Brian Macleod (1969), Wendy Chapman (1970), Inese Freimanis (1973), Virginia Toombs (1995), Lelia Hutton (1996), Nicole Burt (2009), Olivia Drover-Martin (2011), Amber Boutcher (2013, 2015).

Withers Award- most outstanding performance at Provincials – Sara Squires, 2004; Julia Mercer 2007, Stephanie Fagan 2009; Nicole Burt 2011.

Mini Balisch Cup: Janice O’Brien, 1983, 1984; Kristina Strawbridge 1986; Rhiann Walther, 1988; Rachael Facey 1991; Virginia Toombs 1995; Stephanie Fagan 2001, Julia Mercer 2007, Maggie Walsh 2009, Mikayla Downey 2011, Maria Downey 2012.

Campbells Soup award (Least deductions in technical programme at provincials): Heather Hallett 1991, Megan Fleming 1998

Polaris Ice Dance Award – best unison at Provincials: Heather Dawe/Stefan Jonasson CBN FSC/Prince of Wales 1996; Skye Coffey and Jacob Billard 2015

Sun Life/ Bank of Montreal / Section Merit Award: Lelia Hutton 1992-93, Julia Mercer 2008, 2009, Ashley Morgan 2010, Dylan Short 2012.

Least deductions in technical programme at sectionals: Heather Hallet 1990-91, Adrienne Mercer 1994-95; Meghan Fleming 1997-98

Least deductions in technical programme at provincials: Heather Hallett (1991), Meghan Flemming (1998)

Butt Trophy for most sportsmanlike team at Precision Provincials: Princelles, 2000-01; Synergy 2013

Cornel Trophy for best team at Synchro provincials- Princelles 1989; Synergy, 2009, 2011: Princettes 2013; Princelles 2014

Katy Churchill National Canskater of the year 2001

Polaris Cup for the most artistic skater at sectionals: Lelia Hutton 1995, Virginia Toombs 1997-98, Stephanie Fagan 2005-06, 2008-09, Ashley Morgan 2009-10, Chloe Whitridge 2013-14

Rebecca Pack Memorial award: Julia Mercer 2006; Ashley Morgan 2008, Amber Boutcher 2012

Canada Games coaches: Alex Balisch 1975. Wendy Mercer 1994-95 and 1998-99. Kevin Walsh 1994-95. Wendy Mercer on Canada Games mission staff 2003.

Volunteer awards:

  • 1991: Agnes Thistle wins provincial Judge of the year award
  • 1992: Weny Mercer wins provincial Coach of the year award
  • 1993: Sandy Facey wins provincial Judge of the year award
  • 1995: Joyce Crimm wins provincial Judge of the year award
  • 1996: Agnes Thistle wins provincial and Canadian Judge of the year awards.
  • 1996: Sandy Facey wins Section volunteer award, Sylvia Grant provincial Judge’s award
  • 1999: Agnes Thistle wins provincial Judge of the year award
  • 2000: Shirley Thistle wins provincial coach of the year award
  • 2002: Marion Jeans wins Section volunteer award
  • 2003: Dave Liverman wins Section volunteer award
  • 2004: Andrea Thistle – Skate Canada Program Assistant of the year; Ruth Noel – Elizabeth Swan Memorial Award for service to synchronised skating; Karen Hillyard – Skate Canada Volunteer Award of Excellence.
  • 2005: Beth Liverman wins Section STARSkater award
  • 2006: Susan Thistle wins Elizabeth Swan award
  • Dave Liverman – Skate Canada Volunteer Award of Excellence; Karen Hillyard – Section Officials award
  • 2008: Chris Pitcher wins provincial coach of the year award; Susan Thistle wins Section volunteer award
  • 2009; Allie Winter- Skate Canada Program Assistant of the year; Olivia Drover-Martin Section STARSkater award; Christine Morgan – Section volunteer award
  • 2010: Dylan Short- competitive athlete
  • 2011: Christine Morgan- Skate Canada Volunteer Award of Excellence; Bianca Paiement- Skate Canada StarSkate Athlete Award; Mark Scott – Skate Canada Section Official Award
  • 2012: Sophie Bennett – Canskater of the Year;
  • 2013: Dylan Short – competitive skater; Donna Burt – Elizabeth Swann award

Gold level skaters

  • Wendy Chapman (triple gold)
  • Kristina Strawbridge (quadruple gold, senior competitive test)
  • Rhonda Bowering
  • Tara Bulgin
  • Beverley Dick
  • Inese Freimanis (triple gold)
  • Adrienne Mercer (triple gold)
  • Cyra Belbin (freeskate, skills)
  • Janice O’Brien (triple gold)
  • Christine Pike
  • Dominic Pike
  • Andrea Hunt
  • Patricia Small
  • Mark Spurrell
  • Jan Von Zyll de Jong
  • Rhian Walther
  • Lelia Hutton
  • Susanna Jeans (figures)
  • Paula Norman
  • Joanne Harding (figures and dance)
  • Heather Hallett (triple gold)
  • Cherisse Norman – dance
  • Danika Drover – dance
  • Meghan Fleming (skills)
  • Cyra Belbin (freeskate, skills)
  • Jennifer Osmond (skills, dance)
  • Sara Squires
  • Beth Liverman (skills, interpretive, dance)
  • Samantha Phelan (skills, free, interpretive)
  • Jenna Hillyard (free, skills)
  • Stephanie Fagan (skills)
  • Yvonne Chan (skills)
  • Ashley Morgan (skills)
  • Carly Austin (skills)
  • Kayla Kennedy (skills, interpretive)
  • Nicole Burt (skills)
  • Lauren Stringer (skills)
  • Erin Maher (skills)
  • Amber Boutcher (free)
  • Kaitlyn Harte (free)

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