Team photos

Synergy grew from our previous synchro teams, with some team members skating on the juvenile team the Princettes in 2001. The Princelles skated at Novice level in 2002 and 2003, and form essentially the same group of skaters that became Synergy in 2004.

Synergy 2011-12

Synergy 2009-10

Synergy 2008-09

Synergy 2007-08

Synergy 2005-06:
back row (l-r) Robyn LeDrew, Clara Pollard, Nicole Burt, Andrea Thistle, Jennifer Noel, Kerrilyn Evans, Hayley Porter, Anais O’Neill

Front row: Beth Liverman, Jenna Hillyard, Allie Winter, Megan Burt, Kathryn Vardy, Kimberly Crocker, Siobhan Wilkins, Vanessa Whalen

Synergy 2004-05: back row (l-r) Susan Thistle (manager), Sara Squires, Caroline Evans, Jenna Hillyard, Megan Burt, Kathryn Vardy, Beth Liverman, Siobhan Wilkins, Shirley Thistle (coach)

Middle row: Andrea Thistle, Jennifer Noel, Allie Winter, Kimberly Crocker, Vanessa Whalen, Kerrilyn Evans

Front row: Anais O’Neill, Hayley Porter, Robyn LeDrew

Synergy – 2003-2004: back row (l-r) Susan Thistle (manager), Allie Winter, Kathryn Vardy, Megan Burt, Stephanie Noel, Beth Liverman,
Caroline Evans, Shirley Thistle.
Middle row: Sara Squires, Hayley Porter, Andrea Thistle, Kerrilyn Evans, Jennifer Noel, Samantha Tetford, Vanessa Whalen.

Front row: Samantha Phelan, Anais O’Neill, Siobhan Wilkins, Jenna Hillyard

Princelles (novice) – Eastern Festival of Synchronised skating, 2003.

Princelles- – silver medalists, Novice, Provincial Synchro, 2002. Back row: Shirley Thistle, Kathryn Vardy, Jennifer Noel, Sara Squires, Allie Winter, Beth Liverman, Susan Thistle
Centre row: Megan Burt, Robyn Ledrew, Vanessa Whalen, Samantha Tetford, Joy Crocker
Front row: Anais O’Neill, Kerrilyn Evans, Andrea Thistle, Caroline Evans, Siobhan Wilkins, Christine Anstey

Princettes- juvenile, provincials 2001.