Skater development bursary

Skaters are invited to apply for a skater development bursary if they meet the following criteria:

Eligible Skaters

1. Any skater who represented the Club in Regional, Provincial, Sectional or Eastern Challenge competitions at Junior Bronze/Pre-Juvenile level and upwards.

2. If 12 years or older, the skater must have contributed to the operation of the Club (i.e. as a Program Assistant if eligible).

3. The skater must be a member in good standing and the Prince of Wales Skating Club is the home club.

4. The skater must have attended two Avalon Regional off-season schools.

Eligible Activities

1. Registration at the upcoming Provincial Summer High Performance Centre for at least half the duration (either skating for full time for part of the school, or part time for the whole school).

2. Equivalent summer training elsewhere in Canada at Skate Canada sanctioned activities.

Eligible expenses as defined in our travel policy would have to exceed $200.00.


1. Executive will decide the amount of money to be paid out by the club for bursaries on a yearly basis.

2. The amount will be based on financial standing of the club as per previous year end financial statements.

3. The amount will be divided equally amongst all eligible skaters

4. The bursary will be paid directly to the Provincial Summer Training Centre on behalf of the skater; if the summer skating is to take place elsewhere, cheques will be made out to the club/skating school administering the training centre.

If the skater does not skate for the required time over the summer for any reason, the bursary should be repaid to the club.

Application and Deadline

Application must be made to Susan Drover, the Vice President of the Prince of Wales Skating Club in writing by April 18, 2009 and must include proof of attendance at region schools, as well as proposed summer skating schedule. The club will award bursaries for eligible activities taking place the summer following the application to the listed summer training center.

The Vice President and Competition chair will review applications and recommend approval to the executive by April 30, 2009.

For those skaters applying for this bursary - please note that if approved for a bursary - the club will pay it directly to the summer training location specified on your application.

Please take this into consideration when submitting your application and registration fees to the administrator for your summer training location.

All payments will be disbursed by the club no later than April 30, 2009 - All eligible skaters will be notified of the amount approved to be paid on their behalf.

[application form].