Provincial Championships, Gander Feb 2007

Pictures from Dave Liverman, Victoria Porter, Gail Bidgood and Susan Drover

Maggie, Olivia and Ashley

President and Vice President

Chapman Trophy- most points!

Brittany George


Opening ceremonies

Nicole Chan with Yvonne's lucky mascot!

Joshua Robinson

Phillip McDermott

Spencer Robinson

Valerie Ball

Julia Howley - Elizabeth Swan award

Nicole Burt

Julia Mercer

Carly Austin

Yvonne Chan

Kayla Kennedy

Jenna Hillyard

Sam Phelan

Nicole Mallay

Maggie Walsh

Olivia Drover Martin

Kayla Kennedy

Jenna Hillyard

Sam Phelan

Anna Stylianides

Nicole Chan

Ashley Morgan

Iona Stylianides

Julia Howley

Victoria Porter

Erinn Power