The purpose of this document is to outline the process that will be followed in the event of a dispute within the Prince of Wales Skating Club (Club henceforth). This process will be followed with the goal of resolving the dispute between the Complainant (individual(s) raising the concern) and the Respondent (individual(s) who are the subject of the concern) in a fair and equitable manner. The process will be followed for disputes between members of the Club. For the purposes of this document, members include parents, coaches and skaters. The Club is committed to resolving disputes in a timely and equitable manner.


1. The Complainant and Respondent are encouraged to make a reasonable attempt to resolve the complaint/conflict between themselves.


1. Where reasonable attempts to resolve the complaint/conflict fail, a complaint may be made in writing to the Board of Directors of the Club. The President of the Club shall establish a Conflict Resolution Committee (Committee henceforth) to proceed with the Conflict Resolution Policy.
2. Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Committee shall respond in writing to the Complainant, acknowledging receipt of the complaint, and include a copy of the Conflict Resolution Policy. The Complainant will be requested to advise the Committee in writing as to whether or not they wish to pursue the complaint according to the Conflict Resolution Policy.
3. If the Complainant advises the Committee in writing that they wish to proceed with the complaint, a copy of the complaint and the Conflict Resolution Policy shall be provided to the Respondent.
4. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Respondent shall to respond to the complaint in writing, within two weeks, to the Committee.
5. The Committee will investigate the complaint by interviewing the Complainant, the Respondent and any witnesses who they consider appropriate.
6. The Committee will provide a written report with a review of the allegations, all responses provided and recommendations as to the appropriate resolution. A copy of the report shall be provided to the Complainant, Respondent and Board of Directors.
7. If the Complainant and Respondent accept the recommendations and the complaint is resolved, the Committee shall follow up with the Complainant within six weeks following resolution of the complaint to ensure things are running smoothly.


8. If a resolution cannot be reached following the Conflict Resolution Policy at the Club Level, the Committee shall seek assistance from the Section (Skate Canada NL) Conflict Resolution Committee, and the dispute will follow the Section Dispute/Conflict Resolution policies and processes.
9. If a complaint involves allegations of misconduct described in the Skate Canada Membership Harassment Policy or the Complaints Policy, the Club Board of Directors shall refer it to the National Complaints Review Officer or a Harassment Officer. A copy of the Skate Canada Club Dispute Resolution Procedures Policy (By-law 1204) will be included with this Conflict Resolution Policy.