Rules & Policies

Skater Code Of Conduct

Skaters must meet the following expectations when participating in programs run by The Prince of Wales Skating Club:

  1. Skaters shall take part in all scheduled activities;
  2. Skaters shall be responsible for keeping skating area and dressing rooms tidy;
  3. Skaters must respect fellow skaters and instructors;
  4. Vandalism to arena premises or equipment belonging to the Prince of Wales Skating Club or fellow skaters will not be tolerated;
  5. Appropriate attire will be required for all sessions;
  6. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated;
  7. The Prince of Wales Skating Club reserves the right to send the participant home immediately, at their own expense, with no refund, and denial of attending future programs upon failure to abide by the above mentioned guidelines.

Skate Canada Parent Code of Conduct

Skate Canada is committed to ensuring that all skaters have the opportunity to participate in a safe and welcoming environment that is encouraging and promotes their overall development. Parents have an enormous influence on skaters’ experiences in the sport. The quality of a skater’s experience is determined by their relationships with parents and the manner in which parents conduct themselves in the Skate Canada environment. In this code “parents” shall refer to “parents and guardians”. This code applies to all parents who are members of Skate Canada or have children who are members of Skate Canada. Parents shall abide by this code at all times while participating in any Skate Canada club or school, competition, or activity.

  • All parents are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner consistent with the values of fair play, integrity, open communication and mutual respect.
  • Parents shall always model positive and responsible behaviour and communicate with their son/daughter that they expect them to do the same. Parents will assume the major responsibility for their son/daughter’s on ice conduct and attitude.
  • Parents shall at all times treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy and respect,  including but not limited to skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, other parents, and all other individuals that are part of the club, skating school, Section or Skate Canada.
  • Parents shall refrain from any behaviour, or comments, which are profane, insulting, harassing, sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive without hostility or violence.
  • Parents shall emphasize the importance of values like sportsmanship, respect, cooperation, competition and teamwork to their son/daughter offering praise for competing fairly, participation and skill development.
  • Parents shall model and encourage their son/daughter to maintain a healthy balance between skating and life. (i.e., school, other activities, social life, etc.)
  • Parents shall model and encourage balanced, healthy food choices and subscribing to an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Parents shall set high, but reasonable expectations for their son/daughter’s participation in skating focusing on development and enjoyment for the child.
  • Parents shall instill confidence in their son/daughter’s ability and skill development, always avoiding comparisons with other skaters.
  • Parents shall celebrate the acquisition of skills and goals achieved by their son/daughter.
  • Parents, along with the professional coach and the athlete, shall be considered members of a team whose main concern is the child’s overall progress and Parents shall respect that the professional coach is responsible and empowered for the on-ice and off-ice development of the athlete. A parent’s role shall be to take a healthy interest in their child’s progress and development and and be responsible for the child’s nutrition, rest, adherence to off-ice training regimen set by the coach or other fitness professional, overall health, life-balance, and moral and emotional support.
  • Parents shall ensure their son/daughter wears proper skating clothing and equipment.
  • Parents shall never provide alcohol or drugs to minors in a Skate Canada environment.
  • Parents shall never provide or advocate the use of performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Parents shall avoid any conduct, which brings their club, skating school, Section or
    Skate Canada, into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol,
    non-medical use of drugs and gambling.
  • Parents shall openly support and uphold this code of conduct policy and take action and steps to ensure other parents follow and uphold this code of conduct policy.
  • Parents shall adhere to the policies, procedures, rules, standards, and ethics of Skate Canada at all times. 

Complaints & Conflict Resolution



The purpose of this document is to outline the process that will be followed in the event of a dispute within the Prince of Wales Skating Club (Club henceforth). This process will be followed with the goal of resolving the dispute between the Complainant (individual(s) raising the concern) and the Respondent (individual(s) who are the subject of the concern) in a fair and equitable manner. The process will be followed for disputes between members of the Club. For the purposes of this document, members include parents, coaches and skaters. The Club is committed to resolving disputes in a timely and equitable manner.


1. The Complainant and Respondent are encouraged to make a reasonable attempt to resolve the complaint/conflict between themselves.


1. Where reasonable attempts to resolve the complaint/conflict fail, a complaint may be made in writing to the Board of Directors of the Club. The President of the Club shall establish a Conflict Resolution Committee (Committee henceforth) to proceed with the Conflict Resolution Policy.
2. Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Committee shall respond in writing to the Complainant, acknowledging receipt of the complaint, and include a copy of the Conflict Resolution Policy. The Complainant will be requested to advise the Committee in writing as to whether or not they wish to pursue the complaint according to the Conflict Resolution Policy.
3. If the Complainant advises the Committee in writing that they wish to proceed with the complaint, a copy of the complaint and the Conflict Resolution Policy shall be provided to the Respondent.
4. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Respondent shall to respond to the complaint in writing, within two weeks, to the Committee.
5. The Committee will investigate the complaint by interviewing the Complainant, the Respondent and any witnesses who they consider appropriate.
6. The Committee will provide a written report with a review of the allegations, all responses provided and recommendations as to the appropriate resolution. A copy of the report shall be provided to the Complainant, Respondent and Board of Directors.
7. If the Complainant and Respondent accept the recommendations and the complaint is resolved, the Committee shall follow up with the Complainant within six weeks following resolution of the complaint to ensure things are running smoothly.


8. If a resolution cannot be reached following the Conflict Resolution Policy at the Club Level, the Committee shall seek assistance from the Section (Skate Canada NL) Conflict Resolution Committee, and the dispute will follow the Section Dispute/Conflict Resolution policies and processes.
9. If a complaint involves allegations of misconduct described in the Skate Canada Membership Harassment Policy or the Complaints Policy, the Club Board of Directors shall refer it to the National Complaints Review Officer or a Harassment Officer. A copy of the Skate Canada Club Dispute Resolution Procedures Policy (By-law 1204) will be included with this Conflict Resolution Policy.

Participant Release

By participating in any events held by the Prince of Wales Skating Club, the participant consents to the known and foreseeable physical risks inherent in the sport of figure skating and power skating. These risks include but are not limited to: travel to and from the arena, ice conditions, equipment failure, falls, collisions with other participants and/or instructors, and facility conditions. In assuming these risks, the participant forever releases, for their heirs, and any person acting on their behalf, the Prince of Wales Skating Club and its directors, employees, volunteers, coaches, officials, instructors, independent contractors, agents, and sponsors, from any claim arising from any illness or injury as a result of participation.

Withdrawals & Refunds

Refunds will be issued for medical reasons only and are subject to a minimum non-refundable administrative fee of $20 and Skate Canada Fee of $58.65. Medical refunds will be prorated. The request must be in writing and accompanied by the original copy of a doctor’s note.

Session Cancellations

The Prince of Wales Skating Club reserves the right to cancel or alter the schedule of any event or program.

Privacy Policy

The Prince of Wales Skating Club is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide when visiting the Prince of Wales Skating Club Website. Any further use of the personal information you give us will be in accordance with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents (PIPED) Act. The Prince of Wales Skating Club’s Website does not automatically gather any specific personal information from you, such as your name, phone number or e-mail address. We only obtain this type of information if you supply it by sending us an e-mail or registering in the Registration portion of the site. All information voluntarily sent to the Prince of Wales Skating Club website, by e-mail, feedback form or other means becomes the property of The Prince of Wales Skating Club. The Prince of Wales Skating Club does not sell or distribute any personal information.

The Prince of Wales Skating Club gathers information concerning the use of its Website content through “traffic data” captured in standard web logs and through feedback. This information is compiled about visitors as a whole and does not single out or identify specific individuals. This is for purposes of statistical analysis to improve the content and services we offer and is disclosed to third parties only in aggregate form.

Photo/Video Policy

The Prince of Wales Skating Club may take photographs or videos of program participants. Any photograph or video may be used on our website, facebook page, twitter account, local newspaper, or other promotional materials. The use of photographs and videos will be limited to these purposes.

Program Assistant Policy

StarSkaters who are 12 years of age or older are REQUIRED to be a Program Assistant with our CanSkate Program. Skaters registering 1-2 days are required to sign up for at least one CanSkate Session. Those registered for 3 or more days must sign up for 2 (or more) sessions.  If you skate Synchro in addition to StarSkate, count each Synchro session as one day. (Please indicate first or second choice of sessions).

The requirement for older skaters to act as a Program Assistant is due to the fact that the costs for the StarSkate program is only partially defrayed by registration costs. Assisting in CanSkate sessions allows the club to run a comprehensive program and provide support to the StarSkate Program. *If an eligible skater is unable to fulfill the Program Assistant responsibilities, please contact the club for the unsubsidized registration fees.

All PAs must attend the PA Clinic.

Weather Cancellation Policy

The Prince of Wales Skating Club will always notify of weather cancellations, via email and the Facebook page.  

In general if the rink we are using is staying open, we will go ahead for all Star, Synchro and CanPowerSkate programs. Skaters are not obligated to attend sessions if they feel it is better to not drive.  

For CanSkate/Pre-Star, if their is a school closure we will cancel the sessions also the same day.