Skate Canada writes “Selecting a proper CSA approved helmet should be the most important criteria when selecting the right helmet for your child. Owning a CSA approved helmet should be paramount to all other reasoning (including comfort or convenience) as to the type of helmet to wear or not to wear. The coverage of the head that is provided by a CSA approved hockey helmet is by far the best; a bicycle helmet, in comparison, does not give full coverage around the entire head. The concern with any helmet other than an approved hockey helmet is the lack of protection on the lower portions of the head that have a tendency to be injured. It should also be noted that a hockey helmet is designed to withstand repeated bumps and protect against penetration. A bicycle helmet once involved in an accident should be discarded. Consideration should also be given to further protection by installing face protectors on the front of the helmets. Although face protectors are not essential, chin guards are highly recommended in the CanSkate program due to certain skating skills that are required at the level. Claims received by our insurance company have also shown that eye protection would also be beneficial.”