The Government of Canada proposes to allow, starting in 2007, a non-refundable tax credit on eligible amounts of up to $500 paid by parents to register a child in an eligible program of physical activity.

For more information visit these Government of Canada web sites.

Please note however the following information from the web sites above:-

“Starting in 2007, you should receive, or ask for, a receipt from organizations providing eligible programs of physical activity in which your child is enrolled. The organizations will determine the part of the fee that qualifies for the tax credit.”

“To be eligible for the children’s fitness tax credit, the fees must be paid for a child who is under 16 at any time in the year. The fees must relate to the cost of registration or membership in an eligible program of physical fitness activity.”

Receipt for income tax purposes should be issued for amounts paid in 2007 only. Amounts paid in 2006 do not qualify even if all or part of the activity takes place in 2007. 

You can print your tax receipts from the Skate Canada members Only web site as follows:-

  1. Log on to Skate Canada Website
  2. Hit “Members Only” login (top of home page)
  3. Members Login # – enter your child’s Skate Canada Number (10 digits)
  4. Password – your child’s last name (you will then be prompted to change this password).
  5. Hit – Continue to Main Menu
  6. Hit – Personal Profile
  7. Hit – Member Information
  8. Hit – General Information
  9. Hit – Child Tax Credit Receipt
  10. Hit- Print Receipt.

If you do not know your child’s Skate Canada number, please call our office at 579-1923 or e-mail us.