These are two branches of the same program, separated on the basis of age. Generally, kids 3 and 4 years old are less willing to take the ice without a parent being present and have a relatively shorter attention span. Thus we encourage parents, with or without skates to accompany their child onto the ice in Preskate, and the sessions only last 30 minutes with a strong emphasis on play.

CanSkate is designed mainly for those 5 and up, who are happy going onto the ice unaccompanied, but the program is designed for a range of abilities, including those who have never skated.

The age is used as a guideline only and we leave it to the parents’ judgment as to which program is best suited to a skater who is 4 years old or more. We try to be flexible and if the program you start it is not working our encourage switching between CanSkate and PreSkate, and vice versa.