Project Description


The Skate Canada StarSkate Program offers skaters an opportunity to take optional tests in free skating, ice dancing, skating skills and artistic skating.

The Skate Canada StarSkate tests challenge a skater to learn and develop more advanced figure skating skills. StarSkate skaters work independently and with group and/or private coaches to attain certificates from Preliminary to Gold levels. They can compete in regional and provincial level competitions.

CanSkate or StarSkate skaters who show potential as competitive skaters can “jump” into the Competitive Program.

The Skate Canada Competitive Program provides opportunities for skaters to compete in a variety of competitions from the Sectional level to the national and international level.

Skaters compete in singles, pairs, and dance at events with levels ranging from Juvenile to Senior. Skaters who exhibit an aptitude for competitive skating can advance from club competition to Sectional or National Championships and beyond.



  • Must have passed Stage 4 of the CanSkate Program


  • Must have completed Stage 5 of the CanSkate Program

  • All skaters must have a private coach


  • Must have passed STAR 4 or Junior Bronze Test


  • Must have passed the Senior Bronze Test or Jr Silver Dances & Jr Silver Skills Test

Wendy MercerNCCP Certified Level III Coach
NCCP Coach learning facilitator, 35+ years experience. CanSkate, PreSkate, STARSkate, Competitive. 579-6491
Shirley ThistleNCCP Certified Level II Coach
30+ years experience. CanSkate, PreSkate, STARSkate, Competitive, Synchro. 754-1368
Michelle WalshNCCP Certified Level I & II certified
CanSkate, STARSkate, Competitive, 13 years experience. 745-4209

* The Club reserves the right to change location/times of sessions depending on ice availability

Skaters will only be permitted to skate on the session days they register for.  Switching session days is not permitted unless a permanent change is made to the skater’s registration at the club office and is subject to space availability.

Program Assistant Policy

Jr./Sr. Skaters who are 12 years of age or older are REQUIRED to be a Program Assistant within our CanSkate Program. Skaters registering 1-2 days are required to sign up for at least one CanSkate Session.  Those registered for 3 or more days must sign up for 2 (or more) sessions.  If you skate Synchro in addition to Junior/Senior, count each synchro session as one day. (Please indicate first or second choice of sessions).

The requirement for older skaters to act as a program assistant is due to the fact that the costs for the Junior and Senior program are only partially defrayed by registration costs. Assisting in CanSkate sessions allows the club to run a comprehensive program and provide support to the StarSkate Program. *If an eligible skater is unable to fulfill the Program Assistant responsibilities, please contact the club for the unsubsidized registration fees.

All PAs must attend the PA Clinic,

For more information contact the Junior  or Senior coordinators