Test day passes

At the end of Spring school, many of our skaters passed tests. They include Josh Robinson (Swing, Fiesta, Junior Bronze Skills), Ashley Morgan (Harris Tango, Sr. Silver Skills), Kayla Kennedy (Harris Tango, Killian), Victoria Porter (American Waltz), Lana McCaw (Paso Doble, Starlight Waltz), Carly Austin (Killian), Julia Howley (Juvenile Comp. Test, Willow, Sr. Bronze Skills), Olivia Drover Martin (Sr. Bronze Skills, Fourteen Step, European), Samantha Sooley (Sr. Bronze Skills, Fourteen Step), Maggie Walsh (Junior silver skills and European waltz), Sarah Jane Downton (Canasta tango and Baby blues, and preliminary freeskate elements), Amber Boutcher (Dutch & Canasta), Meg MacKay (Dutch & Canasta), Jenny Biles (Dutch), Iona Stylianides (Willow to complete Jr. Br. Dance test), Philip McDermott (Willow to complete Jr. Br. Dance test), Breauna Miller (14 Step & European to complete Sr Br dance Test), Valerie Ball (Keats Foxtrot and Jr Silver Skills), Nicole Chan (American and Rocker Foxtrot), Anna Stylianides (Keats Foxtrot and Rocker Foxtrot), Julia Mercer (Harris Tango and Rocker Foxtrot to complete Jr. Silver Dance Test), Nicole Burt (Harris Tango & American Waltz to complete Jr. Silver Dance Test), Yvonne Chan (Starlight Waltz)

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