2015-2016 Registration

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Provincial Championships

The POWSC skaters for the 2016 SCNL Provincial Skating Championships, hosted by the Seaport Skaters FSC on February 26-28, 2016 are:
Star 4 U10: Katie Best, Jenny Myrick
Star 4 U13: Skye Coffeey, Regan Scott, Katie Warford
Star 5 U13: Barbar Kate Cavell, Brooke Coffey, Emma Morgan
Star 5 13 and over: Mikayla Fennelly, Keira Hancock, Alison Randell
Senior Bronze: Mackenzie Byrne
Junior Silver: Chloe Whitridge, Catherine Power
Senior Silver: Erin Maher, Lauren Woodruff
Silver Interpretive: Mikayla Downey, Erin Maher, Catherine Power
Silver Creative Skills: Jenny Biles
Gold Interpretive: Jenny Biles
Juvenile U14: Serena Piercey, Taylor Druken, Dayton Fifield, Elin Maskova
Pre Juvenile U13: Kathleen Curran, Jena Dyer, Abby Pace
Pre Juvenile U11: Eve Blagdon, Lauren Quinlan

Star Provincials


Some of our StarSkate competitors

The following skaters will be participating in Star Provincials, to be held Feb. 20 & 21 at CBS Skating Club.
Star 1: Helen Cavell, Lily Evans, Maggie Lush, Adam Masek, Marin Rowe
Star 2: Boroka Albert, Annabelle Bartlett, Hannah-lee Bickford, Heather Bolger, Erin Dalton, Julia Earle, Renee Hynes,M Maria Keough, Eva Myrick, Allison Spurrell, Hannah Victoria Vautier, Isabelle Young
Star 3: Livi Allen, Danielle Bolger, Deidre Ivey, Georgia Scott, Regan Scott, Katie Warford, Olivia Wilson, Emily Woodfine

Program Weather Update – Jack Byrne Sessions of CanSkate

The sessions to be held today, February 13th at the Jack Byrne Arena are cancelled due to weather.

Elizabeth Swan Memorial

The medal winners

The medal winners

The club hosted the first ever Elizabeth Swan Memorial synchro competition at Jack Byrne arena in Torbay this Saturday – the competition was a great success and all volunteers are thanked for their contribution. Our teams had some great performances, with all medalling. Symmetry (Adult 2), InSync (Adult 3), and Princelles (Novice) all won gold; the Princettes (Juvenile), and Lollipops (Beginner 1) won silver.
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Bake Sale – Saturday February 13 Feildian Gardens

The Lollipops

The Lollipops

The Lollipops Synchro Team will he holding a bake sale on Saturday, February 13th at Feildian Gardens from 8:30am-2:30pm. Baked Goods, Hot Dogs, Chili, Turkey Soup and Hot Chocolate will be available. Come out and support our Beginner team who are travelling to Corner Brook in March for the Provincial Championships!

Princelles win gold in Atlantic Synchro championships


Atlantic champions!

Atlantic champions!

Congratulations to our Novice team, the Princelles, who won gold  at the Atlantic Synchronised Skating Championships in PEI! They will now travel to Nationals, Feb 19-21, 2016.

Team members are Dayton Fifield, Taylor Druken, Jena Dyer, Lauren Quinlan, Chloe Whitridge, Mckenzie Byrne, Kathleen Curran, Catherine Power, Emma Goodyear, Abby Pace, Lauren Woodruff, Mikyala Fennelly, Keira Hancock and Alison Randell. The team is coached by Shirley Thistle. Team Manager is Lisa Curran.



Eastern Divisionals

Most points and most improved club

Eastern Divisionals was hosted by the Flying Blades SC in Clarenville, January 16-17, 2016. The club had an exceptional competition, earning awards for the most improved club and the club with most point. We saw some outstanding performances with club skaters claiming 8 gold medals. Club skaters also earned individual awards with Skye Coffey taking the mini Ballisch Cup for most artistic skater, and Eve Blagdon taking the Hart Trophy for outstanding performance.

Eve Blagdon

Mackenzie Byrne won gold in Senior Bronze with Laura O’Keefe 13th. In STAR5 U13 Brooke Coffey won gold, with Emma Morgan 6th and Barbara Kate Cavell 8th. In STAR5 U19 Keira Hancock won gold, Mikayla Fennelly bronze, and Allison Randell 7th. Jenny Biles won both Gold interpretive and Silver Creative Skills.

Skye Coffey

In Silver Interpretive Erin Maher placed first, Mikayla Downey second and Catherine Power third. In Juvenile Taylor Druken placed second, Elin Maskova was third, Dayton Fifield was 5th and Serena Piercey 10th. In PreJuvenile U11, Eve Blagdon won gold with Lauren Quinlan 5th. In Pre-Juvenile U13, Abby Pace won gold, Jena Dyer 4th, Kathleen Curran 5th and Elizabeth Clarke 8th. In Senior Silver, Erin Maher won gold, with Lauren Woodruff silver. In Junior Silver Catherine Power won silver with Chloe Whitridge 4th.
In STAR4, Skye Coffey ranked 1st in U13 with Katie Warford, 2nd; Regan Scott, 5th; Georgia Scott, 11th; and Livi Allen, 17th. Jenny Myrick placed 1st and Katie Best 3rd in STAR4U10.

Test day

Prince of Wales held a test day on Dec. 19th, 2015. Congratulations is extended to the following skaters for their test passes. Thanks to all volunteers who assisted, in particular the evaluators.
Annabelle Bartlett: Dutch Waltz, Canasta, Baby Blues
Allison Spurrell: Dutch Waltz, Canasta
Faith Evely: Dutch Waltz, Canasta
Marin Rowe: Dutch Waltz, Canasta
Kayla Colbert: Canasta, Baby Blues
Renee Hynes: Canasta
Hannah Vautier: Baby Blues
Rachel Moores: Baby Blues
Erin Dalton: Preliminary Freeskate, Fiesta
Lauren Quinlan: Sr. Bronze Elements
Regan Scott: Jr. Bronze Elements
Brianna Gibbons: Jr. Bronze Freeskate
Eve Blagdon: Sr. Bronze Program, European
Emily Woodfine: Fiesta
Katie Best: Fiesta
Emma Morgan: Swing, Willow
Katie Warford: Willow
Livi Allen: European

50/50 Skater’s Lottery

Skate Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Skater’s Lottery 50/50 draw took place on Wednesday, December 9th at 10:00am at the SCNL Section Office.

1st Prize Draw: $19,641.60
Ticket # 5709
Winner: Trina King Hynes, Twillingate, NL

2nd Prize Draw: $11,784.96
Ticket # 9165
Winner: Charlotte Hickey, Dunville, NL

3rd Prize Draw: $7,856.64
Ticket # 8417
Winner: Nash Layden, St. Anthony, NL

Test passes

POW hosted the region high level test day on Tuesday, Dec 1st, 2015. Congratulations is extended to the following skaters on their test passes:
Jake Billard: Baby Blues and Fiesta
Keira Hancock: American
Serena Piercey: Keats Foxtrot
Catherine Power: Intro, Bronze and Silver Interpretive
Erin Maher: Silver Interpretive
Mikayla Downey: Silver Interpretive, Senior Silver Skills