Synchronized Skating Provincial Championships

Prince of Wales had an outstanding showing at the 2019 Provincial Synchronized skating championships held in Corner Brook on March 8th-9th. Our Intermediate, Pre-Novice and Pre-Juvenile teams claimed gold becoming the new provincial champions. Our Juvenile team had two fantastic skates, earning a silver medal and being awarded the Cornell Trophy for best team in the competition.

Synergy Juvenile - winners of the Cornel Trophy

Synergy Juvenile – winners of the Cornel Trophy

Full club results as follows;

Adult III – Bronze
Adult II – Silver
Intermediate – Gold
Pre-Novice – Gold
Juvenile – Silver
Pre-Juvenile – Gold
Beginner II – skate to standard
Beginner I – skate to standard

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Larkyn Austman to preform in Ice Show!

We are delighted to announce that Olympian Larkyn Austman will be our guest skater for 54th annual ice show! Registration deadline is Thursday, February 28th!




Provincial Championships

The 2019 Provincial Championships were held in Gander on February 15-17th. Prince of Wales skaters had many fantastic performances and 10 medals were earned. Competitors in the Star 5 and higher categories placing 1st-6th, have qualified to represent our club at the Atlantic Canadian Skating Championships being held in East Hantz, NS in March.

Full results as follows;

Novice – Elin Maskova 3rd 
Pre-Novice – Dayton Fifield 2nd, Eve Blagdon 6th
Juvenile u12 – Boroka Albert 3rd
Juvenile u14 – Katie Best 7th
Pre-Juvenile u11 – Lillian Evans 2nd, Joanna Li 3rd
Pre-Juvenile u13 – Sarah Grace Li 11th
Star 10 – Kathleen Curran 4th
Star 9 – Kathleen Curran 7th, Victoria Short 14th
Star 8 – Victoria Short 7th, Georgia Scott 12th
Star 6 – Mikayla Fennelly 8th, Lauren Quinlan 11th, Julia Earle 13, Deidre Ivey 13th
Star 5u13 Men – Adam Masek 1st
Star 5u13 Women – Eva Myrick 6th, Veronica Cura 15th
Star 4/5 Dance – Lillian Evans & Adam Masek 1st
Star 4u10 – Charlotte Madden 6th, Ulyanna O’Brien 7th
Star 4 u13 – Heather Bolger 10th
Star 4 13&over – Allison Randell 1st, Danielle Bolger 2nd
Adult Gold – Tiffany Whynot 1st

Elizabeth Swan Memorial

The Elizabeth Swam Memorial Synchronized Skating competition was held in Clarenville on January 26th. SYNERGY had an impressive showing, all teams returning with medals. Full results as follows:

Pre-Juvenile – 2nd
Juvenile – 2nd
Pre-Novice – 3rd
Intermediate – 1st
Adult II – 1st
Adult III – 1st
Beginner I – skate to standard
Beginner II – skate to standard

2018 Skater’s Lottery Winners!

The winners for the 2018 Skater’s Lottery are:

1. $15,375.14
Mary Gilbert
Lark Harbour NL
Ticket # 15566
Melissa Bradbury
Clarkes Beach NL
Ticket # 2131
3. .$6150.05
Jennifer Janes
Port aux Basque NL
Ticket # 10826


Eastern Divisionals

The 2019 Eastern Divisionals was held in Mount Pearl on January 12th-13th. A total of 14 medals were earned and club skater Lauren Quinlan was awarded the Hart Award for the most outstanding performance in the competition!
Full results as follows;

Lauren Quinlan with coaches Shirley Thistle and Michelle Walsh

Lauren Quinlan with coaches Shirley Thistle and Michelle Walsh

Novice – Elin Maskova – 1st

Pre-Novice – Dayton Fifield – 3rd, Eve Blagdon – 4th

Juvenile u12 – Boroka Albert – 1st

Juvenile u14 – Katie Best – 2nd

Pre-Juvenile u11 – Lily Evans – 1st, Joanna Li – 3rd

Pre-Juvenile u13 – Sarah-Grace Li – 6th

Star 10 – Kathleen Curran- 3rd

Star 9 – Kathleen Curran – 4th

Star 8 – Victoria Short – 5th

Star 6 – Mikayla Fennelly – 1st, Julia Earle – 4th, Lauren Quinlan – 6th, Deidre Ivey – 8th, Georgia Scott – 13th, Barbara Kate Cavell – 18th

Star 5 Men u13 – Adam Masek – 1st

Star 5 u13 – Hannah Vautier – 4th, Eva Myrick – 7th, Veronica Cura – 8th

Star 5 13&over – Maria Keough – 12th, Jasmine MacDonald – 23rd

Star 4 u10 – Charlotte Madden – 1st, Uylana O’Brien – 2nd

Star 4/5 Dance – Lily Evan & Adam Masek – 1st

Star 4 u13 – Heather Bolger – 4th, Olivia Moore – 11th, Renee Hynes – 14th, Clara Sullivan – 19th, Rachel Davis – 21st

Star 4 13&over – Allison Randell – 1st, Danielle Bolger – 3rd

SYNERGY at Winterfest

Our Intermediate and Pre-Novice synchronized skating teams traveled to Brampton ON this past weekend to compete at Winterfest. Both teams had strong performances in their first competition of the year.

Agnes Thistle Invatational

The club had a strong showing at the 2018 Agnes Thistle invitational held in Grand Falls, Dec. 1st-2nd. Mikayla Fennelly was a double gold medalist, placing 1st in both Star 6 Woman and Silver Interpretive. Full results as follows;

Mikayla Fennelly - Double Gold medalist

Mikayla Fennelly – Double Gold medalist

Star 10 – Kathleen Curran 2nd

Star 9 – Kathleen Curran 5th

Star 6 – Mikayla Fennelly 1st, Georgia Scott 2nd, Julia Earle 5th, Deidre Ivey 6th, Lauren Quinlan 7th, Barbara Kate Cavell 9th

Star 5 u13 – Veronica Cura 7th, Hannah Vautier 9th

Star 5 13&over – Maria Keough 4th, Jasmine MacDonald 6th, Katie Warford 8th

Star 4 13&over – Allison Randell 1st, Regan Scott 4th, Isabelle Young 6th

Silver Interpretive – Mikayla Fennelly 1st

Gold Interpretive – Anna Carter 1st

Star 3 – Ulyanna O’Brien, Chloe Clarke, Hannah-Lee Bickford, 

Star 1 – Addison Drover

Skating Cancellation

All skating programs scheduled for today, Wednesday, January 2nd are cancelled. Twin Rinks Arena will close at 12 noon today.