2019-2020 Board of Directors

The election of members to the 2019-2020 board of directors took place on Tuesday, June 4th at Twin Rinks Arena. Congratulations and welcome to new members and thank you to returning members for continuing to volunteer your time to help our programs run smoothly.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

President: Vlastimil Masek
Vice President: Kim Blagdon
Past President: Ruth Noel
Secretary: Tracey Fifield
Treasurer: Steve Collett
Synchronized Skating Coordinator: Laura Malone
Competitive/StarSkate Coordinator: Krista Fowlow
Test Chair: Joan Evans
Membership Chair: Marjorie Noel
Competition and Exhibition Coordinator: Michelle Davis
Coaches Representative: Wendy Mercer
CanPowerSkate Coordinator: Cy Dymond

Avalon Region looking for volunteers

Please see below the 2019 Avalon Region AGM Notice and Nomination Form.

They have many positions up this year as well as a couple of positions with 1 year terms remaining from last year.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in getting involved in the skating community!

The region requires less ‘rink time’ for those who want to be involved, but may not have a lot of time to commit! They meet once every 8-10 weeks in person, alternating through the Avalon Region arenas. There is a lot of updating to do this year, as well as getting ‘online’ so they are in need of new members to help achieve this goal!

The more GREAT volunteers we have the more GREAT things we can do

Any questions or concerns please contact Darlene Dawe, Region Director at Avalon Region SCNL

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Election of Board Members

The election of board members to the Prince of Wales Skating Club will take place on June 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Twin Rinks.

In accordance with our Constitution By-law 41, the following positions are open for nominations and will be voted on June 4, 2019.

President (2019-2021)

Secretary (2019-2021)

Competitive/ Star Skate Co-Ordinator (2019-2021)

Synchronized Skating Co-Ordinator  (2019-2021)

Competition and Exhibition Co-Ordinator(2019-2021)

In accordance with our Constitution By-law 15 the following positions will be vacant and open for nominations and will be voted on June 4, 2019.

Vice President (2019-2020)

All nominations must be received by the Chairman of the Nominating Committee on or before May 28,2019.  Tracey Fifield will be accepting nominations in my absence.

Please complete the Nomination Form and return it to:

Ruth Noel Past President

Prince of Wales Skating Club

53 Blackler Avenue

John’s, NL  A1E 3E8

DEADLINE: May  28, 2019

Email : brad_tracey1@nf.sympatico.ca


Prince of Wales mourns the loss of Agnes Thistle

ECA6B227-A23D-467F-858B-AC56DB57A296It is with a heavy heart that Prince of Wales joins the skating community to say goodbye to Agnes Thistle; cherished Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Inaugural Hall of Fame Member and Honourary Lifetime Member. Agnes passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Agnes was a lifelong skating champion.
In 2016 Agnes was honoured by Skate Canada when she was awarded her 50-year volunteer pin and named a Skate Canada Honourary Official for her long, meritorious and valuable service. In 2005 she was the Skate Canada Volunteer of Excellence Award recipient for her work in Newfoundland and Labrador and in 1996 was the winner of the Skate Canada Judge/Evaluator of the Year National Award.
A lifelong member of the Prince of Wales Skating Club, Agnes served the club in many capacities over the years. In 2003 the club in honour of Agnes’ many years of dedicated volunteer work donated to Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador the Thistle Shield presented at the Star Challenge (formerly Junior Provincials) to the club garnering the most points.
As a long-time member of the Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Board of Directors Agnes held various board positions including Vice-Chairperson (Technical) and Skater Development Chairperson. She was Team Leader for a generation of skaters competing at the Divisional, Challenge and National levels and served as Canada Winter Games Team Manager for the 1991 and 1995 Games.
Agnes judged competitions and evaluated at test days all over Newfoundland and Labrador. Distance nor weather could stop her from getting to the rink. In celebration of her 40 years of skating volunteerism clubs and regions from throughout the province joined together in “Agnes’s Big Gift” – an all-expense paid trip to the Canadian Championships held in Vancouver, BC where she was thrilled to be seated next to 1972 Olympic Silver Medallist and 1973 World Champion Karen Magnussen. Agnes was especially delighted this past November to personally congratulate Kaetlyn Osmond, 2018 World Champion and Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallist, who as a young skater was judged by Agnes.
In recognition of Agnes’s lengthy volunteer service and in her 50th season as a Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador member, the Agnes Thistle Invitational was added to the provincial competition calendar and includes awarding The Shining Star award donated by the Thistle Family. Agnes thoroughly enjoyed watching every single skater at this event along with helping to select the winner each year.
Agnes’s legacy to skating includes the love of skating she instilled in her daughter Shirley (Skating Coach), daughter-in-law Susan (Synchronized Skating Coordinator & Data Specialist), granddaughter Andrea (Skating Judge) and the countless members of the skating family she met in rinks throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and across Canada.
Our dear, dear Agnes truly embraced the joy of skating. She will be deeply missed.
Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador offers its deepest condolences to the Thistle family, relatives and friends.
Funeral details may be found at www.barretts.ca

Atlantic Canada Skating Championships —-

The 2018-2019 Atlantic Skating Championships were held in East Hantz, NS this past weekend. Our club sent 6 skaters to the competition this year and they enjoyed some great success. Elin Maskova became the new Atlantic champion in the Novice women catagory and Lillian Evans, Adam Masek and Boroka Albert all earned silver medals.

Elin Maskova - Atlantic Champion

Elin Maskova – Atlantic Champion

Full club results;


Elin Maskova – Novice


Lillian Evans – Pre-Juvenile u11

Boroka Albert – Juvenile u12

Adam Masek – Star 5 men

Joanna Li, 7th in Pre-Juvenile u11

Victoria Short, 12th in Star 8



Synchronized Skating Provincial Championships

Prince of Wales had an outstanding showing at the 2019 Provincial Synchronized skating championships held in Corner Brook on March 8th-9th. Our Intermediate, Pre-Novice and Pre-Juvenile teams claimed gold becoming the new provincial champions. Our Juvenile team had two fantastic skates, earning a silver medal and being awarded the Cornell Trophy for best team in the competition.

Synergy Juvenile - winners of the Cornel Trophy

Synergy Juvenile – winners of the Cornel Trophy

Full club results as follows;

Adult III – Bronze
Adult II – Silver
Intermediate – Gold
Pre-Novice – Gold
Juvenile – Silver
Pre-Juvenile – Gold
Beginner II – skate to standard
Beginner I – skate to standard

For more pictures please visit our Facebook page!



Larkyn Austman to preform in Ice Show!

We are delighted to announce that Olympian Larkyn Austman will be our guest skater for 54th annual ice show! Registration deadline is Thursday, February 28th!




Provincial Championships

The 2019 Provincial Championships were held in Gander on February 15-17th. Prince of Wales skaters had many fantastic performances and 10 medals were earned. Competitors in the Star 5 and higher categories placing 1st-6th, have qualified to represent our club at the Atlantic Canadian Skating Championships being held in East Hantz, NS in March.

Full results as follows;

Novice – Elin Maskova 3rd 
Pre-Novice – Dayton Fifield 2nd, Eve Blagdon 6th
Juvenile u12 – Boroka Albert 3rd
Juvenile u14 – Katie Best 7th
Pre-Juvenile u11 – Lillian Evans 2nd, Joanna Li 3rd
Pre-Juvenile u13 – Sarah Grace Li 11th
Star 10 – Kathleen Curran 4th
Star 9 – Kathleen Curran 7th, Victoria Short 14th
Star 8 – Victoria Short 7th, Georgia Scott 12th
Star 6 – Mikayla Fennelly 8th, Lauren Quinlan 11th, Julia Earle 13, Deidre Ivey 13th
Star 5u13 Men – Adam Masek 1st
Star 5u13 Women – Eva Myrick 6th, Veronica Cura 15th
Star 4/5 Dance – Lillian Evans & Adam Masek 1st
Star 4u10 – Charlotte Madden 6th, Ulyanna O’Brien 7th
Star 4 u13 – Heather Bolger 10th
Star 4 13&over – Allison Randell 1st, Danielle Bolger 2nd
Adult Gold – Tiffany Whynot 1st

Elizabeth Swan Memorial

The Elizabeth Swam Memorial Synchronized Skating competition was held in Clarenville on January 26th. SYNERGY had an impressive showing, all teams returning with medals. Full results as follows:

Pre-Juvenile – 2nd
Juvenile – 2nd
Pre-Novice – 3rd
Intermediate – 1st
Adult II – 1st
Adult III – 1st
Beginner I – skate to standard
Beginner II – skate to standard