7 teams, 5 golds, 2 silvers at 2014 Atlantics

Synchronised skating  is ideal for skaters interested in a team activity. Basic maneuvers, formations and transitions are taught
in a social, team atmosphere. There are recreational and competitive opportunities for skaters who master the fundamental skills of synchro skating.

Synchro is the fastest growing team sport in the country, where teams of 12 to 20 skaters perform synchronised skating routines. Our teams have had great success; in 2013-2014 our seven teams yielded five Atlantic champions.

In 2009-10, the board adopted a policy for synchro teams, coaches, skaters, and parents

Synchronized Skating policy (September 2009)

2014-15 Teams

This year we iced seven synchro teams that will compete in the Beginner, Elementary, Juvenile, Pre Novice, Intermediate, Adult II and Adult III categories.

InSync – Adult III

Coach: Shirley Thistle
Backrow l to r Beth Kelly, Arleen Organ,Carla Murphy ,Denise Maher, Stephen Collette, Rachael Facey
Middle L-R Denine Morgan, Rebecca Kehoe, Roxanne O’Neill, Kerri-lyn Clarke,Brian Gamberg
Front L-R Collette Moores, Brittany Butt, Pam Wiseman, JoAnne O’Keefe-Whilte, Tracey Penney, Marjorie Noel, Ruth Noel
missing from photo: DeeAnne Feltham-Scott

Symmetry – Adult II

Coach: Shirley Thistle
Front row: Jeanette Lawlor, Jennifer Noel, Allie Winter, Suzanne Goodland, Nicole Knee.
Back row: Kim Quinlan, Katie Mercer, Sarah Hodder, Samantha Phelan, Andrea Canning, Susan Foss, Dwan Street
Missing from photo: Beth Liverman, Ashley Feaver, Tina Hunt, Jamie Seaward

Lolliops – Beginner 1

Coaches: Katie Blagdon and Jena Hillyard
Back Row: Katie Blagdon (coach), Annabelle Bartlett, Rachael Moores, Brianna Reid, Isabelle Young, Rachael Easton, Jenna Hillyard (Coach)
Front Row: Georgia Scott, Allison Spurrell, Katie Best, Jasmine MacDonald, Kayla Colbert, Julia Yang

Pop Stars – Elementary

Coach: Nicole Burt
(Back Row L-R) Colleen Bolger (team manager), Faith Evely, Brianna Gibbons, Olivia Wilson, Katie Templeman, Nicole Burt (Coach)
(Middle Row L-R) Deidre Ivey, Eve Blagdon, Regan Scott, Katie Warford, Emily Woodfine
(Front Row L-R) Gracyn Rowe, Heather Bolger

Princettes- Juvenile

Coach: Michelle Walsh
Back Row (L-R): Barbara Kate Cavell, Livi Allen, Elizabeth Clarke, Abby Pace, Mikayla Fennelley, Front Row (L-R): Skye Coffey, Grace Lee, Brooke Coffey, Jena Dyer, Lauren Quinlan. Missing from photo:Danielle Bolger

Princelles- PreNovice

Coach: Shirley Thistle
Back Row: Lauren Woodruff, Catherine Power, Emma Goodyear, Alison Randell
Middle Row: MacKenzie Byrne, Kathleen Curran, Chloe Whitridge, Keira Hancock
Front Row: Dayton Fifield, Taylor Druken

Synergy – Intermediate

Coach: Shirley Thistle

Back row (L-R): Susie Doulton, Suzannah Healey, Kristie Boyd, Samantha Phelan, Madison Canning, Ashley Feaver
Front row (L-R): Sarah Jane Downton, Valerie Ball, Melanie Bingle, Carly Austin, Chelsea O’Keefe, Hayley Porter

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