Synchronized skating is ideal for skaters interested in a team activity. Basic maneuvers, formations and transitions are taught in a social, team atmosphere. There are recreational and competitive opportunities for skaters who master the fundamental skills of synchro skating.

Synchro is the fastest growing team sport in the country, where teams of 12 to 20 skaters perform synchronized skating routines.

In 2017 the club adopted a NEW unified name for all teams in the synchronized skating program. SYNERGY will include 7 teams this year, from Beginner I to Adult III.

Synchronized Skating policy (September 2009)

Synergy 2017-18

Adult III

Adult III Synergy

Coach: Michelle Walsh

Back row (L-R) Jennifer Noel, Colleen Murphy, Shelley Pardy, Neva Fudge, Denise Maher, Carla Murphy, Faye Hynes, Lisa Curran, Steve Collett, Kim French, Michelle Walsh (Coach)

Front Row – Christine Morgan, Danielle O’Neill, DeeAnne Feltham-Scott, Marjorie Noel, Ruth Noel, Gail Sullivan, Tracey Penney, Roxanne O’Neill, Natasha Pelley

Adult II


Coach: Nicole Burt & Katie Blagdon


Intermediate Synergy

Coaches: Nicole Burt & Lindsay Hillier

L-R: Nicole Burt, Dayton Fifield, Isabella Cura, Anna Carter, Keira Hancock, Emma Goodyear, Leia Branton, Erica Newhook, Kathleen Curran, Alison Randell, Claire Barron, Mikayla Fennelly, Lindsay Hillier

Missing from photo: Danielle Bolger


Novice Synergy

Coaches: Katie Blagdon & Allison Walsh

Back Row (L-R) Allison Walsh (Coach), Dayton Fifield, Eve Blagdon, Regan Scott, Kathleen Curran, Katie Warford, Isabella Cura, Barbara Kate Cavell, Katie Blagdon (Coach)

Front Row (L-R) Lauren Quinlan, Boroka Albert, Georgia Scott, Katie Best, Veronica Cura, Jasmine Macdonald


Juvenile Synergy

Coach: Michelle Walsh

(L-R): Michelle Walsh (Coach), Olivia Moore, Allison Spurrell, Jenna Butler, Maria Keough, Rachel Easton, Renee Hynes, Isabelle Young, Cassie Farrell, Heather Bolger, Allyson Chard, Julia Earle



Pre-Juvenile Synergy

Coach: Allison Walsh

Back row (L-R) Allison Walsh, Lauren Reddy, Rachel Davis, Anna Saunders, Naya Green, Katelyn Chafe, Ella Malone
Front row (L-R) Melissa Spurrell, Clara Sullivan, Maggie Saunders, Chloe Clarke, Charlotte Madden, Ulyana O’Brien

Beginner I

Beginner Synergy

Coach: Katie Blagdon

Back row (L-R) Haley Hall, Paityn Lloyd, Victoria Fifield, Ghena Alwaznee, Jane Hynes, Cailea Chalton, Katie Blagdon (Coach)

Front row (L-R) Madelyn Turner, Allison Howse, Lily Moores, Lilly Beresford, Harlow LeBlanc, Carolina Lawlor, Eva Malone