Provincial Championships

Eva and Jenny Myrick, provincial champions!

Eva and Jenny Myrick, provincial champions!

The Provincial Championships took place February 17-19 in Clarenville. Our skaters had some great performances and won a number of medals including six provincial championships. Boroka Albert won gold in Star 5 Under 10. Eva Myrick won gold in STAR 4 U10 with Joanna Li 5th. Jenny Myrick won gold in STAR 4 U13, with Jasmine Macdonald 15th. Mikayla Fennelly won gold in STAR 6, with Keira Hancock 5th. Jenny Biles won a silver medal in both Gold interpretive and Gold skills.  Mikayla Fennelly won bronze in bronze interpretive with Regan Scott placing 17th. Eve Blagdon won a bronze medal in Juvenile U12. Abbey Moores won bronze in Juvenile U14 with Dayton Fifield 4th and Kathleen Curran 7th. Elin Maskova placed 4th in PreNovice, with Abby Pace 8th. Katie Best placed 7th in PreJuvenile U11 and Lauren Quinlan 16th in PreJuvenile U13. Kathleen Curran was 9th in STAR 7 with Mikayla Fennelly 14th. Katie Warford was 6th in STAR 5 U13, with Georgia Scott 7th. Alison Randell was 7th in STAR 4 13 and over, with Danielle Bolger 10th, Regan Scott 13th and Brianna Gibbons 16th. Emma Goodyear was 5th in Silver skills. Jade Roberts won gold in Adult Bronze Interpretive and was a single entry in Adult Gold.
Congratulations to all for representing our club so well.

Boroka and coach Wendy Mercer

Boroka and coach Wendy Mercer

Detailed results

Elizabeth Swan Memorial Synchronized Skating Competition

Our synchronized skating teams competed at the Elizabeth Swan Memorial Synchronized Skating Competition, which also is the Atlantic Regional championships. Congratulations to all our skaters on some great performances. Symmetry won gold in Adult II and Insync won silver in Adult III.  The Princelles were single entries in Novice but had two great skates, and got valuable feedback as they prepare for Nationals. The Lollipops placed 5th in Beginner II, the Popstars won bronze in Elementary, and the Princettes were 5th in Juvenile. The teams will now look forward to the Provincial Championships in March.
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Eastern Divisionals

The club hosted the Eastern Divisionals competition January 21-22 at Jack Byrne arena. Unfortunately the weather intervened and many of our skaters were unable to compete. Congratulations to those who did represent the club in the qualifying categories. Results include:-
STAR 6: 1st – Mikayla Fennelly, 3rd- Keira Hancock, 13th- Barbara-Kate Cavell
STAR 5 U13: 1st – Katie Warford, 6th – Georgia Scott, 9th – Deidre Ivey
STAR 4 13 and over: 3rd- Alison Randell, 5th- Danielle Bolger, 8th – Brianna Gibbons, 13th – Isabella Cura, 15th – Olivia Wilson
STAR 4 U13: 1st – Jenny Myrick, 8th – Jasmine MacDonald, 14th- Veronica Cura, 18th- Sarah Li, 20th-Erin Dalton, 25th- Hannah Vautier, 26th- Renee Hynes, 30th- Maria Keough, 32nd – Heather Bolger


Test Day

On January 7th the club hosted low level test day, the following skaters had successful test passes:

Renee Hynes – Jr. Bronze Elements & Program
Heather Bolger – Jr. Bronze Elements & Program
Maria Keough – Jr. Bronze Elements & Program
Hannah Vautier – Jr. Bronze Elements, Skills & Program
Veronica Cura – Dutch Waltz and Canasta Tango
Isabella Cura – Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango & Preliminary skills
Anna Saunders – Star 1 Dance, Skills & Freeskate
Maggie Saunders – Star 1 Dance, Skills & Freeskate
Marin Rowe – Star 1 Dance, Skills & Freeskate
Clara Sullivan – Star 1 Dance, Skills & Freeskate
Avaiah Churchill-Seaward – Star 1 Dance
Katelyn Chafe – Star 1 Dance
Naya Green – Star 1 Dance
April Parsons – Star 1 Dance
Jordana Curnoe – Star 1 Dance


Andy Joy


Andy Joy is holding the club crest in the middle of the front row in this photo from the early days of the club.

Andy Joy, an early member of Prince of Wales SC passed away on January 1, 2017. Andy and partner Carolyn Gosse were medallists at the inaugural Canada Winter Games held in 1967 in Quebec City. He was also the 1967 Atlantic Canada Novice Men’s Silver medallist. Andy went on to become a high level judge and section chair. We extend our deepest condolences to Andy’s family and friends.

Agnes Thistle Star Invitational

Congratulations to all our skaters who competed at Agnes Thistle Star Invitational event in Corner Brook this past weekend:
Gold Medal – Regan Scott – Introductory Interpretive
Silver Medal – Jenny Biles – Gold Creative Skills
Silver Medal – Jenny Biles- Gold Women Interpretive
Bronze Medal – Mikayla Fennelly Bronze Interpretive
Bronze Medal – Star 6 Women – Mikayla Fennelly
Bronze Medal – Star 4 Girls – Regan Scott

Other results include:
Star 6 Women – Keira Hancock 4th
Star 7 Women – Mikayla Fennelly 5th
Star 4 Girls – Brianna Gibbons – 5th
Star 5 Girls U13 – Georgia Scott 7th
Star 5 Girls U13 – Katie Warford 10th

Sectional Championships

IMG_1453 IMG_1454

Congratulations to all our skaters who competed at the Skate Canada NL Sectional Championshps this weekend in Mount Pearl. Eve Blagdon won gold in Juvenile U12, and Dayton Fifield gold in Juvenile Under 14. Other results included Lauren Quinlan 11th in PreJuvenile U13; Katie Best 7th in PreJuvenile U11; and Elin Maskova 8th and Abby Pace 7th in PreNovice

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Rebecca Pack Memorial



Congratulations to all club skaters who took part in the Rebecca Pack Memorial Friendship Skate in Grand Falls-Windsor, October 22-23, 2016. Results include Elin Maskova 3rd and Abby Pace 4th in PreNovice; Mikayla Fennelly 6th in Star 7; Katie Warford 3rd and Georgia Scott 7th in Star 5 U13; Eve Blagdon 2nd in Juvenile U12; Dayton Fifield 2nd and Kathleeen Curran 7th in Juvenile U14; Katie Best 7th in PreJuvenile U11; Lauren Quinlan 10th in PreJuvenile U13; Mikayla Fennely 3rd and Keira Hancock 8th in Star 6; Boroka Albert 1st in Star 4 U10; Jenny Myrick 2nd in Star 4 U13; and Regan Scott 5th and Emily Woodfine 12th in Star 4, 13 and over.
Eva Myrick, Maria Keough, and Olivia Wilson competed in Star 3. Barbara Kate Cavell STAR 6 – 10th place.

Elin Maskova was the recipient of the Rebecca Pack Memorial Award- presented to the skater who in the opinion of the Competition Judges, demonstrates tenacity, a love of skating, and good sportsmanship.

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City of St. John’s

Prince of Wales Skating Club thanks the City of St. John’s for their continued annual support to skating and skating programs.


Program Assistant Clinic

IMG_0445pa clinic2

The annual Program Assistant clinic was a huge success this weekend. Prince of Wales Skating Club thanks everyone who participated!!!