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2024 Ice Show Program


This PDF file is set up to print double-sided on 8.5 x 11″ paper (landscape orientation). We recommend printing all odd pages first, then flip over the stack of sheets and print all even pages. When you fold the pages in half they should fit together as a booklet.

Show Poster


Skater Photos

Karla Sabrina Photography
Thursday, April 18
3:30 – 6:00 PM
(15:30 – 18:00)
Jack Byrne Arena

Show Order


  1. Opening: Junior, Intermediate, Senior
  2. Mini Group – Fairies
  3. Star 4 Synchro
  4. Mini Group – Little Book Monsters
  5. Star 3 Synchro
  6. Solo – Mermaid
  7. CanSkate Group 3
  8. Ice Dance – Anna & Elsa
  9. CanSkate Group 1
  10. Gold Synchro
  11. CanSkate Group 2
  12. Star 6 Synchro
  13. Pre-Star Group
  14. Solo – Cruella
  15. Open Synchro



  1. Senior Group
  2. Intro Star 3 Synchro
  3. Solo – Peter Pan
  4. Solo – Belle
  5. Junior Group
  6. Novice Synchro
  7. Solo – Wonka
  8. Intermediate Group
  9. CanSkate Group 4
  10. Mini Group – Talking Flowers
  11. Solo – Alice
  12. Star 8 Synchro
  13. Finale – Soloists & Mini Groups
  14. GRAND FINALE – All skaters except CanSkate


CanSkate Group lists have been emailed and are available below:
CanSkate Group 1
CanSkate Group 2
CanSkate Group 3
CanSkate Group 4

PreStar Group list has been emailed and is available here:
PreStar Group

Mini Groups & Soloists
Mini Group list coming soon.

Ice Show FAQ

  • Do CanSkaters take part in the Dress Rehearsal on the 18th?
    Yes. We will be releasing the order of the program numbers soon so skaters will know when their number takes place in the show. For now CanSkaters should plan to be available for both time slots and we will narrow the time once the program and character information is released.
  • Do CanSkaters participate in the Finale?
    No. CanSkaters do not participate in the finale.
  • When do we get costumes?
    Costumes have all been ordered and continue to arrive. Costumes will be distributed to skaters at ice show practices.
  • Do all skaters have to stay for the whole show?
    We do ask that skaters stay for the whole show. We have reserved seating available for skaters to watch the 1/2 of the show that they are NOT in.
  • When and where can we purchase tickets?
    Tickets will be available a couple of weeks before the show and will be purchased through our Uplifter site (where we do our registrations). We will post advance notice of tickets going on sale here on the website, on our Facebook page, and via email.
  • If skaters must miss a practice for the ice show – can they still participate?
    Yes! CanSkate programs are designed so that younger skaters can miss a practice and not be lost in the choreography. Star skaters are encouraged to attend all practices, if at all possible, because the choreography is more detailed.

Production Team

Story, Production Design, & Choreography:
Viktoriya & Yuriy Vaypan

Show Manager:
Allison Dawe