Registration is open now for our 2024 Ice Show and all POWSC Skaters from PreCanSkate through Senior are welcome to participate!

POWSC Saves The Magic Book
APRIL 20th, 2024
Jack Byrne Arena



**Registration closes February 2, 2024 and late registrations will not be accepted**

Ice Show information package:



Embarking on a magical journey through the captivating pages of fairy tales, each book in our collection unfolds as a separate world, teeming with exciting adventures. These books weave tales that introduce us to the amazing characters and share stories.

Among these books there is one book that is universallycherished from childhood – the Magical Book of Fairy Tales, which is a portal to an unforgettable world of magic and miracles. This extraordinary tomb possesses the wondrous ability to transport the readers directly into the heart of the fairy tale they are immersed in.

However, on a fateful evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, mischievous book monsters crept into our sanctuary, pilfering pages from the magic book scattering them among the different fairy tales.

Now, our vigilant heroes must embark on a quest to recover those lost pages, scattered through the enchanting tales, and reunite them with their rightful place in the magical book.

Come see our show to see how the magical quest unfolds……